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ЕВРОПА Опыт партнера

IBM Ночь Звезд-Recognition для наших ведущих Бенилюкса бизнес-партнеров IBM

True to tradition, IBM Benelux has distributed their annual IBM Business Partner Awards during IBM Night of the Stars events organized in Belgium and the Netherlands in June.

These awards are a way for IBM to honor and thank our Business Partners for their outstanding contribution and ongoing commitment to partner with IBM. The awards—which are aligned to the Global Beacon Award categories—are recognizing Business Partner use cases built on IBM solutions and the business they are generating.

Please join us in congratulating the winners and nominees of our IBM Business Partner Awards 2017.

Belgium/Luxembourg winners

      • IBM Outstanding Systems Server Award 2017: EASI (номинанты: Cegeka, Econocom)
      • IBM Outstanding Systems Storage Award 2017: ИРИС. (номинанты: Cegeka, Tech-IT)
      • IBM Outstanding Services Solution Award 2017: Основные ИКТ (номинанты: Arrow ECS, EASI)
      • IBM Outstanding Security Solution Award 2017: Cegeka (номинанты: EXCELLIUM, Sogeti)
      • IBM Outstanding Cognitive Solution Award 2017: PIXELIXIR (номинанты: Кронос, COMPAREX)
      • IBM Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution Award 2017: КроносIntegration Designers (номинанты: Itinity, I.R.I.S.)
      • IBM Most Innovative Marketing Campaign Award 2017: EXCELLIUM (номинанты: PIXELIXIR, I.R.I.S.)
      • IBM Best New Business Partner Award: ADNEOM


Netherlands winners

        • IBM Outstanding Systems Server Award 2017: Extravar (номинанты: BPSolutions, Simac)
        • IBM Outstanding Systems Storage Award 2017: Simac (номинанты: e-Storage, Infradax)
        • IBM Outstanding Services Solution Award 2017: Axians (номинанты: Tech Data, SLTN)
        • IBM Outstanding Security Solution Award 2017: ARAMA TECH (номинанты: DataExpert, SecurIT)
        • IBM Outstanding Watson IoT Solution Award 2017: Axians (номинанты: COMPAREX, ZNAPZ)
        • IBM Outstanding Cognitive Solution Award 2017: EBPI (номинанты: Oxyma, Funatic)
        • IBM Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution Award 2017: центральный (номинанты: DASC, Bossers & Кноссен)
        • IBM Most Innovative Marketing Campaign Award 2017: e-office (номинанты: Copaco, Inergy)
        • IBM Best New Business Partner Award: Vertical Data Analytics


Самая престижная награда, the Бизнес-партнер IBM года, is being granted to the Business Partner having done the most outstanding overall performance in the past year in each of the individual countries. Для 2017 the following companies have been selected as winner in this important category:

Бизнес-партнер IBM года 2017 – Belgium: ИРИС.

когда, at the beginning of a challenging year, a Business Partner declares that they are committed to doubling their revenue contribution with IBM, we start dreaming. когда, at the end of the year, the same Business Partner ends the year with a growth in excess of 100 percent and the largest revenue contribution in the Benelux, we can only be delighted and full of admiration. The success of I.R.I.S. is the result of making choices, focusing on key solutions from high-end Infrastructure offerings to IBM Advanced Case Management, and investing in the skills and resources required to deliver on their commitments. They have received the top Business Partner Excellence Award for Europe during PartnerWorld 2018.
Бизнес-партнер IBM года 2017 – Люксембург: Tech-IT

Tech-IT reached for the stars last year. С более чем 200 percent growth achieved, they reclaimed the number 1 position in terms of combined Power and Storage revenue in Luxembourg. В то же время, they delivered significant growth in Software—mainly driven by Hybrid Cloud and Security—and closed a large SaaS transaction in Luxembourg. Combined, they achieved strong double-digit revenue growth last year. Quite an accomplishment !”
Бизнес-партнер IBM года 2017 – Нидерланды: Axians

“Keywords for this company are innovation, continuous search for new opportunities and focus on relationship.

With a strong joint plan and the partner focus on transformational business such as BI, искусственный интеллект, IoT and Blockchain, this partner clearly moves along with the IBM strategy. They are very solution- and industry-driven and have a clear focus on what they do and where they want to be successful. This is particularly reflected in their investments in education, participation in Watson Build and Champions for Growth, and a large presence at Think and PartnerWorld. It is clear they want to be fully prepared for the opportunities this period of exponential technological growth in the world is offering.

2017 was a fantastic year for Axians with many innovative projects and very nice wins that received extensive coverage during the Think conference on the big billboards in Las Vegas. Let’s continue this success in the coming years and work together on how we can put “smart to work” into practice!”

Video footage from the event

Watch this Dutch IT-Channel movie, which provides a great impression of this amazing event in Amsterdam.

Please join us in congratulating all the Benelux IBM Business Partner Award winners and nominees for their outstanding contribution! We look forward to further developing and expanding our common business! #BuildingTomorrowTogether.

Sander Slingerland,
Benelux Leader Global Business Partners Organization.

Sander Slingerland is the Leader of the IBM Benelux Global Business Partner (GBP) organization.

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