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партнеры IBM с Учителями, чтобы вдохновить бизнес-лидеров в когнитивной Era

партнеры IBM с Учителями, чтобы вдохновить бизнес-лидеров в когнитивной Era

Отсчет кампании мощных клиентских историй, демонстрирующих IBM Когнитивный и облачные возможности.

It’s been a little over a month since we hosted our PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in Las Vegas. For those of you who were able to attend or watch the recorded sessions, we hope you enjoyed the experience and left with great insights, new capabilities and ideas on how to help your clients excel in the Cognitive Era.

As we stressed at the conference, the Cognitive Era is not just an idea on the horizon. It is here and happening now.

На этой неделе, we have a great opportunity for you to help us further that message and inspire more clients around the world to embrace cognitive technologies.

Today marks the beginning of the 2017 Masters Tournament, the 81улица edition of the annual golf championship in Augusta, Georgia. As a global sponsor for the event, IBM has unveiled powerful client stories that demonstrate IBM Cognitive and Cloud capabilities. These stories will air across the global television networks covering the tournament, and are also available here.

While this is an IBM corporate campaign, you can leverage the investment by using the client references featured in the campaigns as conversation starters or proof points in your client discussions. There are some great stories from household names from across several industries to help you establish the possibilities for your own clients.

Например, E. & J. Gallo Winery is using Watson, along with weather reports and satellite imagery, to deliver precise amounts of water to each grapevine as needed. Insurance companies are working with Watson to process claims at up to 99 percent accuracy and saving hours of processing time per month. And building supplier KONE is using Watson IoT to analyze data in elevators and escalators to keep people moving smoothly, safely and efficiently.

As I recently blogged, we’re convinced that our IBM Business Partners can deliver increased value with Watson capabilities. That’s why we continue to encourage you to get involved in the Watson Build, which enables you—with the right resources—to rapidly prototype and deploy your own cognitive solutions. It’s a great way for us to partner and for you to develop new skills and services for your clients.

If you missed my earlier blog post, you can find out more about the Watson Build Здесь and on PartnerWorld.

Let’s leverage our promotions around the 2017 Masters tournament as an opportunity for you to share real-world applications of IBM Cognitive and Cloud technologies with your clients.

Марк Dupaquier (@Marcdupa)
Генеральный менеджер,
Глобальный бизнес-партнеры IBM

Марк Dupaquier был назначен генеральный директор, Глобальный бизнес-партнеры IBM и среднего, в январе 2014, и отвечает за руководство Организацией, которая поддерживает IBM примерно 120,000 Деловые партнеры.

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