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de marketing da IBM Power Systems: A onda de calor verão está em pleno efeito

Whew—it’s already over 90 degrees in Austin and it’s still early June! And it’s not just the weather; our IBM Power Systems marketing efforts are heating up, também. From new partnerships to big events, airport advertising, new technology launches and more…

We’re showing the world that Power Systems is the definitive infrastructure for data-intensive workloads in the Cognitive Era.

I wanted to share more about the marketing efforts that are building awareness for, and changing perceptions of, the Power Systems brand as well as driving demand for our offerings.

Temperatures rising from coast to coast

In the span of three weeks, we participated in three major events on the East Coast in Orlando: COMMON, SAP SAPPHIRE NOW and Technical University. Not only did you see Power Systems in Solution Center booths, but we also had advertising throughout the Orlando airport and took over our social media channels with event messaging and news. We even launched a new SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems landing page and end-to-end campaign.

At COMMON, we unveiled the Fresh Faces of IBM i, showcasing the next generation of IBM i innovators, and we highlighted cognitive and IBM Watson (check out IT Jungle’s article about Power Systems and Watson).

We also hit the West Coast, focusing on reaching developer audiences. At NVIDIA’s annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2017, we featured the IBM PowerAI roadmap, showing the future of GPU-accelerated deep learning. Check out our daily GTC recap blogs: Day 1, Day 2 e Day 3. We also co-hosted the first-ever OpenPOWER Developer Congress in San Francisco and offered developers hands-on experience with all aspects of full-stack solutions—software, tooling, acceleration, hardware and infrastructure.

New technologies on the radar

There’s so much Power Systems news over the past few weeks that we need our own Doppler radar map.

Here’s the latest from our teams

Forecasting what’s next

Where do your summer travels take you this year? Keep your eye on the weather wherever you’re heading, and keep an eye out for IBM Power Systems. We’re taking a cross-country road trip in June. You’ll see us in San Jose for the DataWorks Summit/Hadoop Summit (look for our advertising in the San Jose airport that week); in Frankfurt, Germany for ISC; in Washington, DC for Nutanix’s .NEXT Conference; and in New York City for the O’Reilly AI Summit.

Além disso, our North American digital advertising efforts continue with placements in Bloomberg, Apple New and Quartz. Be on the lookout for these new Power Systems ads!

Siga-nos nas redes sociais (@IBMPowerSystems) for breaking news, updates and more. Você também pode deixar-me saber o que você acha que usando o recurso de comentários abaixo.

Kimberly Storin (@kimberlystorin)
VP de marketing, IBM Power Systems


Kimberly Storin é o VP de Marketing da IBM Cogntive Systems e IBM Power Systems, a plataforma de servidor principal para analítica de dados empresariais e aplicativos de IA. Ela leva marca mundial, estratégia de marketing e conteúdo.

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