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Executive Perspective Partner Experience SECURITY Worldwide

Are you collaborating to protect your customers?

Nearly 80 percent of cyberattacks are carried out by organized cybercriminals, who are working together to create and share easy-to-use, sophisticated, powerful, weaponized malware. Combined with insider threats, either malicious or inadvertent, the need for efficient and integrated security solutions is more important than ever.

Until recently, organizations have responded to these concerns by deploying a new tool to address each new risk. We know of one company that was using 85 tools from 45 different software vendors! Now they have to install, configure, manage, patch, upgrade and pay for dozens of nonintegrated solutions with limited views of the landscape. Costly and complex, these fragmented security capabilities do not provide the visibility and coordination needed to stop sophisticated attacks.

When IBM Security launched the Security App Exchange in December 2015, the ultimate goal was to foster collaboration between IBM Security and you, our partners, to improve protection for our clients. Built on the IBM® X-Force® Exchange platform, a collaborative threat intelligence sharing solution, the App Exchange was the next evolution of IBM Security’s journey to band together to combat cybercrime and threats.

IBM Security App Exchange home page

IBM Security App Exchange home page

Originally opened as a way to support extension of the IBM QRadar® Security Intelligence platform capabilities, the App Exchange also serves as the platform to extend capabilities of other IBM Security solutions such as IBM BigFix®, IBM MaaS360® and more. Partners and other users familiar with the QRadar SIEM platform can take advantage of the QRadar Extension Framework API (introduced in QRadar release 7.2.6), which included a new SDK to develop QRadar extensions or applications.

The apps hosted on the IBM Security App Exchange increase client value by providing built-in integrations between IBM Security and partner solutions. These pre-built integrations save our clients time and resources, and help them take full advantage of the capabilities partner and IBM Security solutions offer to enhance their protection. There are also custom dashboards and rule sets created by IBM available for partners to share with their clients as a value add, as well.

Partners that participate in the App Exchange have the opportunity to reach new markets not only through the platform, but also through marketing and promotion opportunities. Participating partners are invited to speak about their apps and solutions in IBM-hosted webinars and conferences, as well as blog using the IBM Security SecurityIntelligence.com platform. Digital promotion through the blogs, videos and social media platforms also help raise visibility of these exciting offerings for our clients.

To start contributing to the IBM Security App Exchange, visit the community on IBM developerWorks®. If you’d like to see more examples of partner success, visit the App Exchange or watch a replay of our launch webinar.

You can also let me know what you think by using the comments feature below.

Carola Cazenave
Vice President Sales, Business Partners, Digital Sales & Velocity, IBM Security

Carola Cazenave is Vice President, IBM Partner Ecosystem, Strategy and Programs. Her work includes transforming the IBM Business Partner Ecosystem and developing strategic programs to help Business Partners collaborate with IBM to deliver world class solutions to clients.

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