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Executive Perspective Infrastructure Transformation Worldwide

IBM Systems: Building IT infrastructure tuned for the Cognitive Era

Managing and deciphering the gargantuan flow of structured and unstructured data in today’s Cognitive Era is critical for success. Unstructured data is skyrocketing, reaching 44 zettabytes by 2020. In the Utilities industry, it is estimated that 680 million smart meters will be installed globally by 2017—leading to 280 petabytes of data per year. Data in the Healthcare industry is estimated to grow 99 percent in the next two years, 88 percent of it unstructured.

This is the time to re-imagine everything for our clients and Business Partners. And business leaders across all industries are acutely aware of the need to address this phenomenon. At IBM Systems, we are dedicated to helping IT leaders and our Systems Business Partners master hybrid cloud by building IT Infrastructure that is tuned for the Cognitive Era.

The Cognitive Era in essence calls for a deeper human connect. One that reasons through all structured and unstructured data to find what really matters in engaging a person—moving from being product-centric to person-centric. As digital builders create cognitive APIs, the need today is for an infrastructure that is reliable, robust and secure as devices connect globally across environments. IBM Systems is devoted to exploring the promise of Cognitive Business, along with you—our Business Partners—with a strategy that is the foundation of everything we have been inventing and building in data, cloud and engagement.

IBM Systems, in collaboration with Business Partners, are architecting a new kind of IT infrastructure that serves as the backbone of a Cognitive Business. It harmonizes public, private and hybrid cloud with distributed devices, and Internet of Things instrumentation. Mastering hybrid cloud for the Cognitive Era means evolving IT infrastructure in three ways:

  • Integration for mobile services—so your client’s infrastructure can span the digital universe in sub-seconds
  • Data for analytics services—so your client can turn an exaflood of data into extraordinary analytics services and insights in milliseconds
  • Operations for service predictability—so your client’s infrastructure can protect their business while evolving at the speed of disruption


Please share this new direction that IBM Systems is taking with your clients. Engage and learn from the experts on the Cognitive Era by using these materials:

  1. Become conversant with the new IBM Systems Story.
  2. Engage clients with sales tools: Systems Conversations and FindIT Tool
  3. Get proficient. Read the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study report.


Welcome to the new era—Building IT Infrastructure tuned for the Cognitive Era. And don’t forget to let me know what you think using the comment feature below.

Dave Carlquist (@dacarlq)
IBM Systems
VP, Systems Hardware – Global Business Partners


Dave Carlquist is vice president of Worldwide Channels, Systems and Technology Group. In that role, he is responsible for providing the leadership necessary to transform IBM’s engagement, opportunity development and selling experience with and for our Business Partners. Mr. Carlquist joined IBM in 1982 and has worked in a broad range of roles within sales, marketing, services and business development.

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