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Punto di vista esecutivo Watson Watson costruire serie In tutto il mondo

IBM Watson Corporatura 2018: 7 campioni geografia selezionati!

Drum roll, please …

Oggi, I’m thrilled to announce the seven geography champions from this year’s IBM Watson Build 2018. This distinction is a significant achievement for our IBM Business Partners after several months of intense concept development and prototyping to create next-generation solutions embedded with IBM technology.

Their recognition is only amplified by the fact that over 400 IBM Business Partners around the world joined Watson Build this year, e più di 250 prototypes were submitted—a new record!

AI is in the news every day. I regularly hear businesses discuss Come they’re using AI, not when they’ll start using it. Every partner in Watson Build is positioning its business to capture the AI opportunity that is growing by the day.

Congratulations to all of those who participated in the 2018 programma. We look forward to seeing your progress and continued development of your prototypes.

What’s next for our seven geography champions, you ask? Bene, they are moving on to compete for the global champion title at the IBM PartnerWorld at Think Conference in 2019.

Naming this year’s global champion is not going to be easy. Each finalist has brought forward strong solutions, and we can’t wait to see who will be crowned the IBM Watson Build 2018 global Champion!

Here are the finalists within each geography:

      • Asia Pacifico: ThinkLabs JSCan Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (IAQM) solution leveraging machine learning with IoT to prevent air pollution and improve health conditions.


      • Europa: Compta Emerging Business, SA – Bee2FireDetection is a complete system of automatic fire prevention, prediction and detection for forests, industrial yards and natural parks


      • Greater China Group: CIB Digital Financial Services So., LTD – a bank management platform to analyze, assess and recommend actions to improve operations, prestazioni, decisions and compliance


      • Giappone: Informazioni Seino Service Co., Ltd – a dynamic pricing solution that optimizes distribution resources in the supply chain, helping shippers and transport operators improve efficiency


      • America Latina: Plansis Planejamento e Sistemas Ltdaan AI-driven ecosystem to identify social-emotional characteristics of people, helping schools and companies personalize their educational or professional journey



      • America del Nord: Zilker Tecnologia – a solution to improve supply chain decisions, optimize cash-to-cash cycles and improve brand trust for providers of sustainable, organic food products

To learn more about IBM Watson Build 2018, visita To follow as we live-tweet the Watson Build Global Championship, seguici su Twitter all'indirizzo @IBMPartners and #WatsonBuild2018.

Catherine Solazzo
Vice Presidente, IBM Partner Ecosystem Marketing

As Vice President of the IBM Partner Ecosystem Marketing team, Catherine Solazzo ha la responsabilità globale per i programmi di co-marketing di IBM, sforzi di branding e di generazione della domanda.

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