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ANALYTICS Finance and Banking Watson Worldwide

IBM Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platform–Fast Start for 2018

Welcome to the New Year and new opportunities with the IBM Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platform business. First, I want to thank you, our partners, who embarked on this journey with us to invest in our Industry Platforms portfolio by selling our products with your services. The innovative solutions that you embed with our offerings and your APIs deliver repeatable business solutions for our clients. 2017 was our inaugural year and we were hugely successful together. It’s more accurate to consider this quarter as an evolution of our journey, so let’s consider this Q5 and keep the momentum going.

Second, I want to dispel the myth that our solutions are solely targeted at the financial services industry. It’s true we introduced a new financial technology (FinTech) solutions platform and a new portfolio of innovative, SaaS-based building block offerings for regulatory compliance and regulatory change (RegTec). Reducing the risk of non-compliance augmented with cognitive technologies to deliver augmented intelligence and decision making goes across industries—and our partners are delivering competitive industry solutions and comprehensive platforms to help reimagine business in the era of AI.

For Business Partners who are not selling our portfolio but talking to LOB executives and CEOs in banking and insurance or government, I want to challenge you to spend some time exploring the Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platform portfolio. Why? Last October, IDC reported that innovation has reached the point of disruption for financial service firms of all sizes and geographic locations.

The pace of technology change continues to be a major factor in IT investment, particularly as digital transformation strategies go from the drawing board to production. Driving this growth are advances in platform solutions, AI and automation, and solutions aimed at improving risk exposure. IBM is leading the way with our Industry Solutions Platforms and I personally invite you to join me and Neil Isford our General Manager, on January 30 to attend our Fast Start Webcast. You’ll hear about our new sales plays, new strategy and help available for every type of Business Partner to target the disruption in the financial services market.

Why should you attend this webcast?

    • Get an overview of the Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platform organization and channel strategy
    • Learn about Q1 strategic sales plays for Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platforms
    • Build your marketing plan with help from your new Watson FSS Geo Marketing Leaders

    The hot topic this quarter is helping our clients prevent and fight fraud and financial crimes while streamlining real-time payments. IBM Safer Payments is a comprehensive solution that can help your clients prevent fraud in all cashless payment channels. IBM Business Partner Indue has been successfully transforming payment processing with Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platform. Join our webcast to hear more about their solution.

    Are you ready for personal help? It’s my pleasure to introduce marketing leaders who recently joined my team to work directly with you, to build your marketing plans and take advantage of any co-marketing dollars available to you. Don’t miss out on your untapped marketing dollars. Reach out to these marketing experts today:

      Thank you again for your investment in the IBM Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platform. Let’s continue to keep our communications open and focus on new opportunities together this year.

      Call to Action:

        • Register to attend the webcast live, or receive the link to the recorded event: January 30, 2018: Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platform Fast Start
        • Read the Business Partner Use Case to learn how partners are successfully building solutions with Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platforms
        • Contact the Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platform Geo Marketing Leader near you for help building a marketing plan.
            • Asia Pacific: Dushyant Hale
            • Europe: Marc Cremer
            • North America and Latin America: Tim Runestad
            • Geos outside AP, Europe and NA: Deepti Chandler
          • Join us in Las Vegas at Think 2018—our biggest proprietary event—to network with clients, IBM executives, industry leaders and your peers starting on March 19. ibm.com/think2018

      Let’s continue to dominate as we collectively evolve our businesses, lead in client success and never look back! Let me know what you think by using the comments feature below.

      Amy Lewis,
      Director – Worldwide Business Partners Sales and Ecosystem Development, Watson Financial Services Solutions, Industry Platforms

Amy Lewis, Director, Worldwide Business Partners Sales and Ecosystem Development for Watson Financial Services Solutions, Industry Platforms, is responsible for Business Partner Channels growth strategy, go-to-market planning and sales for Watson Financial Services Industry Platforms. Ms. Lewis has over 18 years of leadership experience in consulting, business analytics and performance management enterprise software industries. She joined IBM through the Cognos acquisition in 2008, where she was Director, Global Financial Performance Management, Business Partner Channels.

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