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АНАЛИТИКА Финансы и банковское дело Уотсон Во всем мире

IBM Watson ФСС Платформа Решения для промышленности: Ускорение роста в 1 квартале

IBM Watson FSS Industry Platforms started 2018 off with significant momentum from our double-digit revenue growth in 2017, as a result of our big bets on new Watson FSS portfolio offerings, including cloud and cognitive computing options. Вместе, we’re positioned to lead the way, further accelerating pipeline and sales growth, using new innovative industry platforms and modernized RegTech portfolio solution offerings to address strong market growth opportunity in Financial Crimes, Regulatory & Compliance Management and Financial Risk.

Our shared success is already evident in the IBM Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platform business unit. Here are two strategic partner–embedded solution wins that are great examples:

      • NCS is a leading information and communications engineering services provider across the Asia-Pacific region. With an integrated new solution offering using their unique IP and our Customer Insight for Banking and Insurance offerings embedded, they will continue to evolve their business—from a services organization targeting Government and Telco to a holistic solution provider—to reach new financial services clients and market segments.


      • EBPI is a company in the Netherlands that processes hundreds of millions of messages that are exchanged between governmental bodies. They want to extend their services with processing of financial messaging (Swift) and payment processing with existing and new customers, such as the Dutch Tax Office. Their new solutions offering embeds our IBM instant payment solution with their IP to further differentiate and accelerate their strategic industry platforms and growth plans.

Register for Думать 2018!

Plan to join us at Думать 2018, IBM’s flagship all-in-one event starting March 19 в Лас-Вегасе, NV. Featuring an all-new format that fosters community and networking, Think will feature industry leaders and subject-matter experts—from both inside IBM and out—who will share their success stories and thought leadership on leading in the rapidly changing financial services landscape. I strongly encourage you to register to attend Think. Be sure to invite your clients, слишком! Maximize this incredible opportunity to progress closure of your Q1 and 2018 возможности, share best practices and lessons learned, identify new opportunities, consume new training and roadmap updates.

A hot product topic this quarter is the GRC Lite (OpenPages) promotion, which has been extended through June 2018. OpenPages GRC portfolio is IBM’s market-leading regulatory compliance solution that allows clients to reduce costs and supercharge their risk decision-making. риск & Compliance Management Business Partners have the opportunity to sell OpenPages GRC solution land-and-expand offerings at discounts of up to 80 процент, while providing their own deployment services implementations. This promotion allows you to sell OpenPages in smaller bundles at a lower cost with a shorter implementation time. Чтобы получить больше информации, посетить the offer page on PartnerWorld or contact your distributor or IBM representative.

И наконец, as you progress your Q1 deals toward closure, remember to register for the What’s Hot for Q2 Watson Financial Services Marketing Campaign Guidance webcast февраля 22 and if you missed the Industry Platforms Fast Start for 2018 webcast on January 30, be sure to listen to the replay for the latest on the Watson FSS roadmap and Business Partner strategic offerings.

Призыв к действию:

        • Присоединяйтесь к нам на Думать 2018, our biggest proprietary event to network with clients, Руководство IBM, industry leaders and your peers starting March 19 в Лас-Вегасе.



        • Read Business Partner Use Cases to see how other partners are successfully building new use cases and solutions offerings with Watson FSS Industry Solutions Platforms portfolio.


        • Could you use personalized help from IBM in building your marketing plan? Reach out to the IBM channel marketing leader in your region for help building your marketing plans and to take advantage of the co-marketing resources available to you. The deadline to submit a Marketing Action Plan to claim co-marketing funding is March 31, so don’t leave co-marketing dollars on the table—contact the marketing expert in your region today:

Благодарим Вас за постоянные инвестиции в IBM Watson Financial Solutions и нашей промышленности платформ. Как всегда, please let me know what you think using the comments feature below.

Давайте продолжать доминировать, как мы все вместе развивать наш бизнес, ведущую роль в успехе клиента и никогда не оглядываться назад!

Эми Льюис
Директор – Во всем мире бизнес партнеров продаж & Ecosystem Development for IBM Watson FSS Industry Platforms

Эми Льюис, Директор, Во всем мире бизнес-партнеров по продажам и развитию экосистем для Watson финансовых услуг Решения, Отраслевые платформы, отвечает за стратегию роста деловой партнер каналы, перейти к рыночной планирования и продаж для Уотсон индустрии финансовых услуг Платформы. MS. Льюис имеет более 18 летний опыт руководства в сфере консалтинга, бизнес-аналитика и действенное управление корпоративного программного обеспечения отрасли. Она присоединилась к IBM Cognos приобретение в 2008, когда она была директором, Глобальной финансовой деятельности управления, Бизнес партнер каналы.

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