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ANALYTICS Point de vue administration Dans le monde entier

Augmenter les marges et générer de nouvelles sources de revenus avec IBM intégrés Analytics

Augmenter les marges et générer de nouvelles sources de revenus avec IBM intégrés Analytics

Créer différenciée, haute marge, des solutions axées sur-analyse

IBM has invested over USD 15 billion in the research and development of Cognitive and Analytics capabilities since 2010, and is recognized as having the broadest set of analytics capabilities in the industry—from data ingestion and integration, data lake storage, governance, discovery and exploration, to the ability to automatically create and act upon actionable insights. Get started and expand your opportunities for growth with IBM Embedded Analytics.

IBM Embedded Analytics capabilities are purpose-built for integration and seamless embedding into any third-party applications, services and solutions. Robust APIs allow for easy integration with your solution’s data, sécurité, UI and processes to enhance your current configuration, or replace components that may not be meeting your client’s needs or expectations.

IBM offers an industry-unique Embedded Analytics program for IBM Business Partners, in which we together create tailored business models, repeatedly driving higher margins for you, nos partenaires commerciaux IBM. With this model, we make money when you make money.

When IBM Business Partners embark on an embedded journey with IBM, we stay with you the entire time by assisting with embedding best practices, go-to-market and strong product management support. Our embedded partners have an assigned team as liaison, advisor and advocate. In other words, we don’t drop off the software and walk away.

To get you, nos partenaires commerciaux IBM, started with embedding IBM Analytics into your solutions, we recommend these no-cost workshops:

  • Discovery workshop: Identify areas and use cases where you can leverage data and analytics to enhance and extend your solutions.
  • Revenue impact workshop: Project potential revenue and margin impacts, obtained by embedding IBM Analytics technologies.

Visitez le IBM Embedded Analytics website to get more information, request to speak to an expert and register for our workshops to start your embedded analytics journey!

And stay tuned for an upcoming IBM Business Partner Voices blog series from Chris Tyler, one of our Embedded Analytics experts. He will discuss use cases on how IBM Business Partners can derive value by enriching their solutions with IBM Analytics. Expand your opportunities for growth with IBM Embedded Analytics. Vous pouvez également me laisser savoir ce que vous pensez à l'aide de la fonctionnalité de commentaires ci-dessous.

Laurie Evans,
Vice Président, Les ventes dans le monde entier numérique et le canal, Business Analytics

Laurie Evans est vice-président de Worldwide Business Partner numérique et commerciale, Analytique, Cloud hybride d'IBM. Elle est responsable de la stratégie Business Partner et de l'exécution des ventes dans le monde entier. Laurie's team drives strategic direction of all Business Partner types including VADs, Revendeurs, Partenaires SaaS, Éditeurs de logiciels, Projets de moyenne envergure, Et CSPs SEEE. Laurie a récemment rejoint IBM et a plus 24 années d'expérience dans la vente directe et canal, OEM et Alliances.

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