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The fast pace of innovation drives opportunity in Watson Industry Platforms

We want to celebrate the Business Partners who have developed solutions that build on or embed the IBM Watson Financial Services The pace of innovation and opportunity in Watson FSS Industry Platforms has hit warp speed—and speed is our differentiator. First, we transformed our portfolio of offerings in Watson FSS Industry Platforms to deliver modern, innovative vertical solutions for industries augmented with artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud to help our clients reinvent business. Second, our Industry Platforms are positioned to help our clients address their most pressing issues. Our clients recognize that unlocking their data and moving to vertically integrated platforms is the key to growth. Feedback from CIOs has confirmed our success in Industry Platforms and has proven that IBM is the essential technology partner to help our clients succeed in this new era, where the architecture decisions of today dictate survival. Together with our Business Partner ecosystem, we’ve demonstrated impressive teamwork to grow this new business and we’re not slowing down!

We want to celebrate the Business Partners who have developed solutions that build-on or embed the IBM Watson Financial Services Solution offering with the first Outstanding Watson FSS Industry Solution Beacon Award at the IBM event for 2018, Think 2018. Please submit your Beacon award nomination before January 16, 2018. We are executing the strategy we laid out early this year, but I need your help closing deals this month. Let me share my recommendations to close the year strong and our strategy for a fast start in 2018.

Tips to close deals in December:

1. Contact me personally or my team members listed here for help closing deals:

2. Take advantage of IBM financing options. These types of options may be the difference-maker that enables your client to green-light your solution and get started now.

3. Use the sales plays and marketing assets available across the portfolio updated on PartnerWorld to progress your opportunities (Business solutions and Industry solutions).

We have accomplished so much so fast, which makes me confident about our future together. And according to a Gartner research paper from September 2017,* the future is promising because the advance of technology is outpacing the ability of enterprises to keep up. In order to change that, CIOs will need our help to develop a fast pace that can be sustained no matter what the future holds. Before one innovation can be implemented, two more arrive. Our strategy to advance our agenda across other industries, particularly insurance—where we launched a new platform built in collaboration with MetLife and Majesco—has recently paid off. This insurance platform is only a first step in executing on our expanded mandate. We will continue to stretch our thinking across all industries to reinvent business with innovative industry solutions that leverage artificial intelligence (AI)—but our clients cannot implement these industry platforms without you, our trusted Business Partner ecosystem. Join me and Neil Isford in our Fast Start Webcast for Q1 on January 18, 2018 to learn about our roadmap and Business Partner strategic offerings.

Thank you for being a part of this team!

Call to action:

Thank you for your ongoing investment in IBM Watson Financial Solutions and our Industry Platforms.

Let’s continue to dominate as we collectively evolve our businesses, lead in client success and never look back!

Amy Lewis,
Director – Worldwide Business Partners Sales and Ecosystem Development, Watson Financial Services Solutions, Industry Platforms


*Gartner: Top Strategic Predictions for 2018 and Beyond: Pace Yourself for Sanity’s Sake published 29 September 2017 id: G0040316

Amy Lewis, Director, Worldwide Business Partners Sales and Ecosystem Development for Watson Financial Services Solutions, Industry Platforms, is responsible for Business Partner Channels growth strategy, go-to-market planning and sales for Watson Financial Services Industry Platforms. Ms. Lewis has over 18 years of leadership experience in consulting, business analytics and performance management enterprise software industries. She joined IBM through the Cognos acquisition in 2008, where she was Director, Global Financial Performance Management, Business Partner Channels.

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