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Rencontrez votre nouveau personal shopper: Présentation MyStore de Mondadori et IBM Business Partner, Mauden

IBM has enjoyed a long and mutually successful relationship with Italian Business Partner, Mauden. pour moi, they are a great example of how IBM is building the future, together with our partners.

For many years, Mauden has been recognised as a leader in the Italian market for storage infrastructure management, particularly in the banking and industrial manufacturing sectors. But since 2015 they have embarked on a journey to transform themselves into a next-generation solution provider.

We have been at their side to support and advise, through conversations with IBM top executives and industry leaders, as well as more structured programs like the Business Transformation Initiative, aimed at identifying core strengths and aligning the organisation with refreshed strategic objectives.

The first milestone in Mauden’s journey was the launch of Bou-Tek, a physical showroom for immersive digital experiences, in the centre of Milan. There, companies can envision in real time how they can better engage with customers using the latest technologies. Many solutions have been developed and marketed since then, in the area of cognitive solutions, augmented reality and analytics.

Most recently, Mauden worked with Mondadori, one of Italy’s largest booksellers. The result is MyStore, a cognitive assistant that is designed to help shoppers identify precisely the purchases and gifts they want.

MyStore is a physical presence in Mondadori’s stores—a digital interface to its entire product catalog, which interacts with customers to produce highly personalized suggestions for purchases and gifts. It’s based on Mauden’s GETinTOUCH logiciel: a cognitive interactive solution developed by Mauden, en collaboration avec IBM, et basé sur IBM Watson. GETinTOUCH extracts and processes data from a variety of inputs, delivering insight to the customer based on cognitive analysis.

With MyStore we are the first Italian retailer to introduce a service with this type of cutting-edge technology,” explains Francesco Riganti, marketing director at Mondadori Retail. “This solution is designed to be as personalized as possible according to customers’ preferences captured for example on social networks, enabling a new type of profiling that learns continuously from customers’ interactions. This is why we have chosen to rely on two partners such as Mauden and IBM, who have developed the most advanced cognitive solutions on the market.”

MyStore uses cognitive analysis of data that customers choose to share, for example by logging in via Facebook and enabling the system to analyse their favourite books, music and movies. The result enables them to shop in three ways:

  • MyBook recommends their next read
  • MyGift helps customers find the most suitable book for someone else
  • MyFinder enables them to find products in stock and quickly locate them in store

“MyStore undoubtedly marks an important moment in the history of our company,” enthuses Mauden CEO Roberta Viglione. “Now we have a product of our own for behavior analysis and for the creation of new relationships…. The ability for our customers to easily invest in a new computer science became something really concrete and I’m more than satisfied with this great achievement.”

This is a game-changer for retail and I’m delighted that IBM and our partner, Mauden, can play a part in the next phase of Mondadori’s customer service revolution.

The transformation journey that Mauden has taken from storage provider to technology visionary is the kind of journey we are going on with Business Partners around the world. Outcomes like MyStore demonstrate the power of business partnership in building a future together that is better for everyone.

Francesco House,
Directeur, Global Business Partners, IBM Italie

Francesco Casa est directeur de Global Business Partners, IBM Italie. Francesco conduit le défi de redéfinir le rôle des partenaires pour IBM Italie dans un nouvel environnement de l'écosystème, établir des relations de confiance avec eux, développer leurs compétences et capacités, et fournir un soutien pour les aider à offrir une valeur client.

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