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Présentation Pensez: nouveau premier ministre conférence client IBM IBM

As the anticipation grows for Think 2018, you may be looking for more details on IBM’s premier client conference. We’re aiming to bring you total immersion into the world of IBM, including a chance to explore updates in cloud, Analyse des données, security and Watson alongside newer technologies such as blockchain and Internet of Things (ITO).

For you, notre valeur partenaires commerciaux IBM, we want Think 2018 to be an experience that will transform your business. At an event of this magnitude, getting as much face-time as possible with clients and experts who can help you close deals is crucial. By offering a wide range of sessions, networking opportunities, expert talks and technology demonstrations, Pense 2018 is designed to provide a dynamic environment for real-time interaction with clients, subject matter experts and IBM executives that can help you make 2018 your most competitive year yet.

Once you’ve registered for Think 2018, how can you best plan your schedule to navigate this huge, year-defining conference and ensure you get the most value for your time and effort? There is an easy way! Check out these recent blogs on our many focused Think Campuses and the Watson Session Expert:

Pensez Campuses

To avoid missing out on the topics you care about most, Pense 2018 will feature a variety of individual Pensez Campuses for different IBM technology areas. Each Think Campus is designed to provide you with opportunities to meet face-to-face with experts, expand your network, watch live demos and gain valuable skills to help you drive business success and broaden client engagement.

Watson Session Expert

The sheer scale of Think 2018 necessitates careful planning to make sure you’re at the right place at the right time for learning and networking. A key resource now available to Think 2018 attendees is our Watson Session Expert—a wonderful way to explore everything Think 2018 has to offer while building your own personalized agenda. This tool enables you to set up and manage your schedule from your desktop or favorite mobile device and offers an easy-to-navigate online experience through which you can easily browse sessions, workshops and more to maximize your time. Read all about this convenient conference resource here.

Stay tuned for exciting Think 2018 announcements and insider news in the days and weeks ahead. With the conference just about a month away, time is running out—if you haven’t already registered, this would be a great time to do so. Reserve your space at Think 2018 aujourd'hui. And invite your clients to join you, trop! You can let me know what toi think by using the comments feature below.

Jacqueline Woods (@ jacwoods2020)
Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Global Business Partners

Jacqueline Woods est directeur du marketing, IBM Partner Ecosystem. Elle conduit les efforts de marketing dans le monde entier autour de l'activité de canal d'IBM, en mettant l'accent sur la croissance dynamique de partenaire commercial IBM Cloud et technologies cognitives.

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