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Executive Perspective Partner Experience Watson Worldwide

Join IBM Business Partner Connect to make partnerships at the speed of AI

We just concluded an incredible week at Think 2019, where technology leaders from around the world gathered to discuss the newest developments in our industry. This year’s conference was especially significant to me, as it marked the launch of IBM Business Partner Connect. This new networking initiative represents IBM’s commitment to ushering in a new era of Business Partner collaboration.

Business Partner Connect is designed to accelerate solutions for your clients by matching partners looking for assistance with partners offering expertise—all at the speed of AI! Business Partner Connect is open to all IBM Business Partners, including those who deliver services, consult, embed solutions or bring new solutions to their clients. If you haven’t already signed up, you can register today by visiting http://ibm.biz/bpconnect.

More than 8,000 Business Partners joined us in San Francisco for Think last week, and we saw many of them at our BP Connect launch event on Tuesday, February 12 in Think Park. I joined John Teltsch and Jamie Mendez to unveil the new Business Partner Connect platform to an audience that included press, IBMers and IBM Business Partners. Attendees got a sneak peek at the new platform’s features and networked person to person—the old-fashioned way—after the demo. It was a great success, not to mention a lot of fun!

By registering for Business Partner Connect, you’ll get access to:

    • Instant matching: Submit your request for assistance or offer your services and get a match instantly! The entire registration process takes less than five minutes.

    • Business Partner Connect Slack community: After you join, a team member will invite you to the community so that you can connect, share best practices and find new partnership opportunities with other IBM Business Partners in real time. If for some reason you don’t receive your invite, reach out to the BP Connect team at [email protected].

    It only takes about five minutes to enter a profile into Business Partner Connect, if you:

      • Have an immediate opportunity for which you could use assistance from another business partner
      • Specialize in services or products that could be used to solve another partner’s client solution
      • Are interested in developing longer-term business relationships within the IBM Partner Ecosystem
      • Need access to IBM solutions and services that your company may not be authorized to sell

      Business Partner Connect gives you the ability to tap into the experience, talent and expertise of the broader IBM Partner Ecosystem to help you close gaps, increase value to your customers and grow your business. Let IBM Business Partner Connect be part of your opportunity generation engine. Join IBM Business Partner Connect with Watson, and make partnerships at the speed of AI.

      Carola Cazenave
      Vice President, IBM Partner Ecosystem, Strategy and Programs

Carola Cazenave is Vice President, IBM Partner Ecosystem, Strategy and Programs. Her work includes transforming the IBM Business Partner Ecosystem and developing strategic programs to help Business Partners collaborate with IBM to deliver world class solutions to clients.

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