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Here at PartnerWorld, we believe that consistently providing you with the latest information is vital to your continued success as an IBM Business Partner.

Our communications methods include:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Weekly updates
  • Stand-alone emails
  • Twitter feeds
  • LinkedIn groups

We strive to keep you apprised of new announcements and market perspectives, as well as brand new PartnerWorld features to help you grow revenue. However, for my first blog on Business Partner Voices, I want to flip things around and ask you to give me your feedback. As a team member within Global Business Partner Communications, I’m highly interested in learning how satisfied you are with the frequency, volume and relevance of the communications that you receive from IBM, including IBMers you know personally.

Tell Us What You Think Today!
To assess your satisfaction, we’ve created this brief communications survey so you can let us know how we’re doing. Are you getting the information you want and need? Do you want to hear from us more often—or less? What information is most valuable to you?

Naturally, we’re always looking to improve the way we reach out to our Business Partner community. In fact, we’re currently considering a number of new methods to communicate with you more effectively—and this is your chance to directly influence that process. Please take a minute and let us know! And feel free to use the “Comments” area below to interact with me here on Business Partner Voices.

Tiffany Lawton (@IBM_MidmarketBP)

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