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Let 's Get SaaSy ... a Pensate 2019!

Thousands of Business Partners, clients, developers and technical enthusiasts are joining us in San Francisco for our annual Think 2019 Conference and Expo, Febbraio 12 – 15, 2019.

I’m excited to share with you the opportunities available for you to learn more about IBM Software as a Service (SaaS) Pensate a. Be sure to make room on your calendar to learn how IBM SaaS offerings can help elevate your business and help you better serve your clients.

SaaS at the Business Partner Café

Visit the BP Café on Tuesday, Febbraio 12, where we kick off our SaaS presence at Think with a Spotlight Theater presentation at 2:00 PM – 2:20 PM. SaaS is no longer optional; it’s how the winners are competing and we’re here to help provide a smooth journey to SaaS success. We have a wide cloud portfolio as well as new smart tools to ease your transition.

We also invite you to engage our SaaS subject-matter experts at the BP Café Smart Bar, daily from Tuesday through Friday at the SaaS Resell Experience area. Here you can meet one-on-one, with our experts who will assist you and your clients with all your SaaS needs and questions.

Come learn about our current incentives and lifecycle approach to IBM SaaS with new smart applications available that are designed to help reduce your financial risk while maximizing your profit and earnings.

    • MySA for SaaS is available; learn how to register for the new SaaS Deal Registration Incentive
    • PartnerSuccess360 enables you to drive smart client renewals and see usage metrics
    • GAIA Resell SaaS quote and order application provides automatic special bid approvals and net quotes for add-on and upsells

    Inoltre, we have meeting rooms available in the BP Café for you to discuss your client’s individual needs. So be sure to drop by the BP Café (which is sponsored by Ingram Micro) to meet with our team, or just enjoy a coffee on us!

    SaaS sessions at Think

    If you’re registered for Think, use the Think app to choose your SaaS sessions by searching on the word “SaaS” and build out your own personal agenda. If you are not registered, use your vouchers and register today for 50 – 100 percent off!

    After a week of inspiring speakers, professional development and making connections with fellow curious thinkers, you’ll be ready for some fun in the fresh air.

    Enjoy your last evening in San Francisco at a blowout private event: “Think by the Bay” at the iconic Pier 39, following the close of Thursday’s conference events. The pier will come to life with live entertainment and street performers, complimentary world-class authentic local cuisine and open bars. Sip a cocktail, snag a souvenir for your valentine, and unwind with the new friends you’ve made at Think.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Pensare 2019! #GetSaaSy

    Jacqueline Woods (@ jacwoods2020)
    Chief Marketing Officer
    IBM Partner Ecosystem

Jacqueline Woods è Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Partner Ecosystem. Lei guida gli sforzi di marketing in tutto il mondo intorno a Business Channel di IBM, con particolare attenzione alla crescente quantità di moto partner commerciale in IBM Cloud e tecnologie cognitive.

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