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New analytics capabilities to visualize your data

New analytics capabilities to visualize your data

Announcing the latest release (11.0.5) of Cognos Analytics

Nearly a year ago we launched the IBM® Cognos® Analytics solution to the market, and we’ve continued to add more capabilities that give business users the power to create great-looking reports and dashboards. We’ve enabled users to reuse content created by others—whether it is a report, dashboard or data module—so they do not need to start from scratch. We’ve also made it easier for them to tell stories with their data, share it with others and make faster decisions. And they can accomplish these tasks in a trusted, managed self-service environment.

The latest release of Cognos Analytics, Version 11.0.5, continues to add more features that empower users to quickly get the answers they need. Most notably, new mapping and visualization capabilities give a completely new perspective and clarity to analytics results. Cognos Analytics includes a wide range of new capabilities and functionality.

Bring your data to life:

  • Get more insights from your data by adding mapping information to your dashboards and reports. Mapping enables you and your readers to instantly see geographic trends and patterns.
  • Use a new visualization engine—the latest version of the IBM Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine 2—to help improve visualizations and expand the range of chart types that are supported.
  • Work more easily, with the ability to pin column headers and easily see and edit all filters that have been applied.
  • Tell stories with your data, using enhancements to storytelling that enable users to easily create infographics and create layouts that guide the flow of the story.

Make your data work for you:

  • Add more intelligence to the data preparation process with smart modeling, a feature that guides you through the creation of a data module.
  • Explore your data with support for Navigation paths, which enables you to define drill paths using any sequence that you want.
  • Support content created in IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) by accessing Relational Framework Manager packages in Cognos Analytics. This feature enables business users to create a dashboard of a Framework Manager package.
  • Don’t start from scratch: build on the work of others with support for linked data modules. This feature enables data modules to be reused for others to build new modules on while still preserving a link to the original data module. Reuse means time savings, no duplication of effort and the ability to create once and distribute widely while still maintaining the integrity of the original data module.

Provide analytics that you can trust:

  • Embed and share Cognos dashboards, stories and reports with the new custom URLs capability.
  • Easily create reports with a new reporting experience that has a look and feel similar to the new dashboarding experience.

Cognos Analytics 11.0.5 continues to add customization features. You can tailor the analytics experience to suit the needs of each company, department, team or even role. Home pages, features and themes can all be customized.

Try out a complimentary trial version of the latest release of IBM Cognos Analytics. And don’t forget to let me know what you think by using the comments feature below.

Nick Plowden,
Product Marketing Manager
IBM Business Intelligence product portfolio


Get started exploring the latest release of Cognos Analytics 11.0.5:

Nickolus Plowden is a Product Marketing Manager for the IBM Business Intelligence product portfolio. Nickolus has over 25 years of experience in B2B product management and marketing roles in the telecommunications, aerospace and defense, and analytics industries. His role as a business analytics advocate for IBM enables him to use his industry knowledge to share the benefits of using analytics across organizations to make better, more informed business decisions.

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