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Les nouveaux serveurs d'entreprise IBM POWER9 sont ici, et le battage médiatique est réel

Here’s everything IBM Business Partners need to know about POWER9: In this exclusive interview, Stacie Mason, Vice President of Worldwide Power Systems Channels at IBM, shares her insights (and excitement) about the newly launched POWER9-based IBM Power Systems Enterprise Servers.

Business Partner Voices: IBM launches the new POWER9 enterprise servers today. Can you tell us more about the new systems?

Stacie Mason: Le IBM Power Systems E950 et Power Systems E980 enterprise servers are the first of the enterprise-class POWER9 systems being launched this year, and we believe that our Business Partners and clients and will not be disappointed. We will deliver significant price performance improvements, with POWER9 cores that provide four times more threads than their closest x86 competitor. We have continued to improve the RAS features resulting easier serviceability and better than five nines uptime. And we are simplifying cloud deployment with IBM PowerVC and built in IBM PowerVM Enterprise technology. The systems are being announced today, Août 7, and will begin shipping in August and September of this year.

How can IBM Business Partners leverage the launch of this product?

Because we launched the last generation, POWER8 enterprise systems, dans 2014, there’s a lot of pent up demand from customers. There are thousands of IBM Power Enterprise clients that are committed to the platform and have been waiting for the launch of POWER9 to modernize their environments. This is a fantastic opportunity for our Business Partners to go out and to talk to their clients not only about an Enterprise refresh, but also about how POWER can deliver more business value in the newer Linux-based solutions like SAP HANA, Modern Data platforms and AI. If the success of the POWER9 Scale Out launch is an indicator, we expect that Business Partners will have a phenomenal second half of 2018 as we jointly deliver these systems to the market.

Why should customers care about the POWER9 systems?

According to IDC, data volumes are expected to increase by tenfold by 2025 et 50 percent of all global enterprises will rely on at least one public cloud platform. To help our clients be ready for these changes, the latest POWER9 servers have been built from the ground up to deliver unmatched scalability, extremely low latency and optimization for use, as and with, private, clouds publics et hybrides. IBM’s next generation of Power Systems give our customers the technology to seamlessly handle the ever-increasing complexities of their environments and continue to provide an outstanding total cost of ownership.

What should IBM Business Partners do to prepare to approach their customers with the new products?

Take advantage of local announcement events, training sessions, webinars and the enablement posted out on SmartSeller et visitez le IBM Power Systems on the PartnerWorld portail. There is a tremendous amount of material available for our Business Partners to leverage to help them become familiar with what we are launching. Once the story is internalized, I expect our partners will be extremely confident as they take the conversation out to their clients. POWER9 continues to be the best platform in the world to run data intensive, mission critical applications. Ensemble, IBM and our Business Partners can drive differentiated value with this announcement.

We would like to thank Stacie Mason for her insights, and you can learn more about the new POWER9 enterprise servers here!

Stacie Mason est le vice-président, Power Systems Worldwide Channels. Mme. Mason est responsable de la performance des canaux de conduite pour Power Systems, ainsi que les nouvelles offres Systèmes cognitifs.

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  1. zayrus.romero.perez@ibm.com'

    Zayrus Romero

    Je fais l'écho du lancement récent IBM POWER9 – this is an extraordinary accomplishment for IBM and I’m confident that our IBM Power Systems Business Partners will leverage this launch to grow their businesses and for their client’s success.

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