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Partner Experience

News from IBM—Tell Us What Matters to You


When you think “news” these days, sometimes you stop and wonder “is this really news?” It’s normal to feel that way.

As a fan of the HBO show Newsroom—which kicked off its second season this past Sunday—it made me think more about the options we face in delivering the information you need from us. Is it really just about the facts? Or is it more about how we need to engage you, inspire you and maybe even push you to think differently than you have ever thought about doing business with us?

As IBM Business Partners, you have a variety of ways to get news from IBM, including newsletters, email and social channels, such as the blog you’re reading right now. So, knowing that presentation is an important part of how you consume news, it’s totally understandable that some of you may love the newsletter and skip other delivery vehicles, or vice versa.

That why we’re continuously enhancing our communications tools and newsletter templates to reflect the growing use of social channels. To drill into social for a minute, we know the most effective delivery comes from the coverage resources you work with every day. So we have tried to make it easier for you to scan social conversations through our social conversation aggregators on PartnerWorld. Regardless of which social site you prefer, we’ve now designed a way to take that further, to make the news more engaging and resonant around the topics you’re focused on.

Selling with Social Insights

On July 22, we plan to launch Selling with Social Insights, which will be covered in detail in an upcoming blog post here on Business Partner Voices. The idea behind Selling with Social Insights is to create a vehicle for news that will be more responsive, more interactive and more closely tailored to individual growth objectives. Based on a firm foundation of social listening, Selling with Social Insights will distill the news, extracting conversations and insights into today’s most significant market opportunities and surfacing them—along with resources you can use to take advantage of those opportunities—all in one place.

However, when it comes to news from IBM in general, there’s one important thing to remember: the news you get from IBM is set to match your PartnerWorld profile and stated interests. For this reason, it’s vital to keep your PartnerWorld profiles up to date, so that the news you see will always be relevant to your business.

And even if a lot of you continue to use only our newsletters, we’re fine with that too. But the most important thing we want to know is how we can make our news delivery methods better. We want your feedback on which resources you use most, what you’d like to see, what’s missing and so on. Feel free to talk to your reps or to me, or even use the “Comments” feature below to let us know what you think.

Jamie Mendez (@JAMENDEZ11)

Jamie Mendez has global responsibility for IBM PartnerWorld® and channel enablement initiatives. In her role, Jamie is responsible for leading a global team focused on supporting the PartnerWorld community of more than 120,000 Business Partners around the world. Over the years, Jamie has explored every aspect of the business—from setting up distribution programs to working as a field sales rep to managing a call center.

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1 Comment

  1. jnugent@busintellsol.com'

    Jon Nugent

    What matters is the ability to curate, repurpose, and use the great content that IBM creates in a way that leads back to the business partner.

    The videos that IBM creates are a create source of content for our prospects because it creates a visual and emotional connection due to the production quality of the videos. The syndicated content that is available through SharedVue is a wonderful example of how IBM content leads back to the business partner.

    We create a create a great blog that is full of IBM content and it would validate in the minds of our prospects if an IBMer could comment on the blog or give the blog more visibility in a larger IBM forum. It would also give a lot of credibility to business partners if IBM gave greater exposure to our social media efforts, such as retweeting our posts, providing more exposure for our FB sites and commenting on our LinkedIn post.

    Business Partners want to leverage our relationship with IBM to maximize our exposure so that we can sell more IBM solutions.


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