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On Storage: Optimization Management from the Cloud

Recently, I hosted a hangout on storage optimization from the cloud, and had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Barnett. Jeff is the Business Line Manager for Spectrum Control Insights—otherwise known as Storage Insights—here at IBM.

To me, the most important take-away from the interview is that our Business Partners have an opportunity to grow and expand their businesses by serving an under-served market.

SpectrumInsightsSo what exactly is Storage Insights? To put it simply, Storage Insights is an analytics-driven storage resource management tool. What’s innovative about it is that it’s a cloud-delivered solution for managing on-premises storage.

IBM conducted market research with traditionally under-served midmarket companies—we learned that clients are dealing with rapid capacity growth and the cost of adding storage, while at the same time juggling to maintain Storage performance and conduct capacity planning. Storage Insights solves these problems by allowing clients to:

  1. See performance trends
  2. Simplify storage administration and optimization
  3. Analyze storage performance across multiple tiers of storage.


Jeff gave us a personal and interesting analogy to understand the benefits of Storage Insights. “I gave my mother several computers in the early days of PCs, which basically became table weights. A few years ago I gave her an iPad and immediately she was able to use it. Storage Insights is really the iPad of storage resource management. And it’s targeted to midmarket companies that are under-served by existing storage products.”

The IBM Storage Insights team is able to get clients to get up and running in only five minutes, and to see actionable results in 30 minutes. That’s remarkable. And it’s very easy to use. To hear Jeff talk about the exciting opportunity with this innovative product, watch the hangout HERE.

To learn more, you and your clients can try it now with our no-charge 30-day trial. And look to the Spectrum Control page on PartnerWorld for sales and marketing resources to help you drive business. Don’t forget to let me know what you think using the comments feature below.

Claire Colle
IBM Storage Solutions Worldwide Business Partner Marketing

Claire Colle is responsible for Global Business Partner Marketing for IBM Storage Solutions, and has over 20 years experience in channel marketing, programs and sales. Her work includes helping Business Partners drive Spectrum Storage Solutions to allow clients to unlock the value of their data.

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