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Outthink security threats

Here’s a reality very few of us want to face about security:

  1. Anything that is connected to the Internet can be hacked.
  2. Everything is becoming connected to the Internet.


Every day, sophisticated attackers break through safeguards. If you keep an eye on most of the reports around this topic, you’ll note that the number of attacks have increased significantly. The sophistication of these attacks has become more complex and focused. A lack of IT security skills in the industry can contribute to security risks—some organizations don’t even know they’ve been hacked until several weeks or months later. And no doubt, security breaches can affect an organization’s brand and reputation.

So, how do we boldly go into the interconnected future while not fearing security?

First, we must recognize that being compliant does not mean that you’re secure. Second, the best way to help maintain security is to abide by some fundamental security principles. They are as follows: increase the security IQ of every employee; prepare to respond faster; safeguard all that touches your cloud, including mobile devices; protect the most important aspects of your data; and leverage analytics to help your security intelligence.


Like most things that affect security, we must be aware, diligent and have a solid plan in place. Fear is not the answer. Collaborating with the right organization and being ready when attacks happen is the best way to outthink any threats.

I’ll be speaking at the IT EXPO in Fort Lauderdale on January 26 to continue the discussion. And don’t forget to let me know what you think by using the comments feature below.

Willie Wong

Willie Wong is the IBM Security Leader for Marketing in Canada. Mr. Wong has 30 years of information technology experience, with over half of that experience focused on IT Risk.

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