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The path to the Cognitive Era: Inspiring examples from IBM Business Partners

To move quickly from idea to action to solution can be an inspiring process. So when we announced the IBM Watson Build at the 2017 PartnerWorld Leadership Conference (PWLC) in February, it was gratifying to see the excitement coming from you, our IBM Business Partners.

With the Watson Build for Business Partners now fully underway, your ideas are laying the groundwork and paving the way for new and innovative solutions in the Cognitive Era. And as the deadline for business plan submissions is only 45 days away, the excitement keeps building.

To inspire you, I want to share two industry-disrupting solutions created by IBM Business Partners that are certain to inspire you as you set your creative course to conceptualize, design and ultimately build your game-changing solution.

Tourism data goes cognitive

Our first example comes from the Canary Islands in Spain. As a popular tourist destination welcoming more than a million visitors per year, the Island of Lanzarote recognized that most of its visitors used a hodgepodge of travel information resources, from outdated guidebooks to word of mouth, to plan their trips.

IBM Business Partner Red Skios worked with the island’s tourism organization to create a cognitive mobile app that learns from each tourist interaction. It gives tourists a personalized, fully immersive tour of Lanzarote, using their own tastes and preferences as a guide to dramatically improve their travel experience. This dynamic cognitive system incorporates a highly personalized feedback mechanism to analyze how visitors use the app, how they explore the island and their direct input, which allows the government of Lanzarote to accurately pinpoint areas in need of improvement.

Alzheimer’s care reinvented

The second example dramatically changes the paradigm for treating the 65 million adults suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Traditional care for individuals with dementia-related disorders often involves specially trained clinicians or the use of antipsychotic medications. Both are costly, and the second can trigger serious side effects.

IBM Business Partner SimpleC—in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine—created a cloud-based solution that links to a database of more than 60,000 pictures, familiar voices and licenses for three million songs. Therapists and family members can use it to build personalized therapy presentations that mitigate the behavioral symptoms of dementia by triggering or stimulating memories. The IBM Bluemix platform and Watson technologies helped make this solution possible.

These examples are but two of many groundbreaking innovations our creative Business Partners have developed over the past few years. Others include solutions for healthcare informatics, computer services and retail.

For those of us at PartnerWorld who will be eagerly following your progress, I wish you the best as you invent industry solutions that disrupt. I am confident that Watson Build can take you there. So take action and register to participate in the Watson Build today!

Jamie Mendez (@JAMENDEZ11)
Director, IBM PartnerWorld

Jamie Mendez is Director, Channel Marketing, IBM.

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