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Pianificazione del corso con IBM i: Incontra gli innovatori di nuova generazione e scoprire nuove funzionalità

Now more than ever in the Cognitive Era, it’s vitally important to create higher visibility for the leading-edge work you and your clients are doing in cloud, advanced analytics and cognitive computing. Helping to continue that groundbreaking work on the IBM i platform is one of our top priorities.

IBM is continuing to invest in IBM i with more marketing initiatives, supporting user groups, promoting up-and-coming innovators and, ovviamente, unceasingly introducing new capabilities to the platform. There’s an emerging generation of IBM Business Partners and customers pushing the boundaries of what is possible with IBM i and IBM Power Systems, bringing new modern workloads to this platform to conquer an even-wider range of data-driven challenges.

Meet some Fresh Faces
We recently announced the new class of IBM Fresh Faces in the October issue of Systems Magazine. The IBM Fresh Faces program recognizes the new generation of innovators and showcases the work they are doing with IBM Power Systems. You might see a few familiar faces as IBM Business Partners and customers were featured in this issue.

You’ll read how developers are building on IBM i and Power Systems to automate insurance leads processing and create new web applications for e-commerce, warehouse management and mobile enablement. Or how engineers and consultants are using IBM i and Power Systems to help clients modernize their infrastructure, build infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and managed service offerings, e più.

Also in this Systems Magazine issue: A roundtable of young developers and consultants debunk the five myths surrounding IBM i. Learn how they got started with IBM i and what they love most about the platform.

Explore new capabilities
Recentemente, IBM i 7.2 TR7 and IBM i 7.3 TR3 were announced on October 3. IBM continues to enhance IBM i with technology refreshes (TRs). IBM i 7.3 TR3 and IBM i 7.2 TR7 now enable you to:

  • Bolster security: New capabilities in IBM i, Db2 for i and IBM Cloud Storage Solutions support history logs and security audits with SIEM solutions, allowing you to exploit the new cryptographic coprocessor, capitalize on data compression and encryption, e più.
  • Simplify access and analysis of business data: New Db2 capabilities enhance the SQL language and SQL Query Engine, and provide advanced visualization, usability and security features.
  • Exploit more hardware capabilities: You gain greater flexibility for storage configuration and can use a new, simpler installation process.
  • Modernize apps: New open source options, built-ins, nested data structures, headless code coverage and other improvements can enhance functionality and help ensure higher-quality code development.

You can read more about the details of these TRs in IBM i Chief Architect Steve Will’s latest blog in IBM Systems Magazine. The addition of these new features and capabilities gives you a great reason to reach out to your clients and discuss IBM i. IBM is deeply committed to supporting our extremely loyal IBM i user base and sparking innovation as IBM i clients develop and deploy modern workloads on IBM i.

Want to learn more about what IBM and IBM Business Partners are doing with IBM i? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your IBM representative.

You can also give me your feedback using the comments feature below.

Elizabeth Hudson (@itselizabeth_h)
Worldwide Content Marketing Manager, IBM Power Systems


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Elizabeth Hudson è una Worldwide Content Marketing Manager di IBM Power Systems e IBM i. Ha creato il Fresh Faces IBM programma per evidenziare le persone innovative che incontrava a gruppi di utenti.

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