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Pursuing Business Without Borders


Webster’s Dictionary defines an ecosystem as a highly collaborative, complexly orchestrated community. In recent years, IBM business strategists have recognized the potential that this concept represents when applied to the traditional business practices of partnering.

Today, an ecosystem may be defined as a business strategy that seeks to leverage digital technology to create dynamic, interconnected touch points and product extensions that provide additional value to customers, deepen their connection with a brand and ultimately feed business growth.

Given the rise of the Internet and social media, a new application of the ecosystem concept has evolved. A key element of this new ecosystem is orchestrating products, services and the underlying business systems to create holistic customer experiences. But what tools exist to successfully navigate this modern ecosystem and create sustainable partnering opportunities?

Advantages of the IBM Business Partner Locator

Within IBM, we have a tool that can be considered part of our own Business Partner ecosystem: the Business Partner Locator. The IBM Business Partner Locator is a search engine that takes into account all of the specialties, certifications and special agreements that our Business Partners have attained, allowing the user to find the most skilled resource available.

The advantage of using the IBM Business Partner Locator is the ability to create a partnering environment where group strength drives improvements far greater than those that can be realized by any individual. For example, users searching for real solutions such as Smarter Planet or Cloud Computing may sometimes find it difficult to find a single partner that offers each element of the total solution. With the Business Partner Locator, clients, IBM teams and others can quickly track down highly specialized Business Partners to implement these complex solutions.

Available in 18 languages for global solutions

Especially in situations where global solutions are needed, having a tool that reaches across borders to find the right resources is truly invaluable. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that the IBM Business Partner Locator is now available in 18 languages. In addition, we have recently made it even easier to find the most skilled, qualified Business Partner by implementing a streamlined interface with fewer fields that must be populated to find the right partner.

By positioning themselves to take advantage of growing networks internally and externally, IBM teams or Business Partners may gain access to flows of knowledge and information that allow them to reach deep into their organization and across their ecosystem. This fundamental change unlocks the potential of individuals and companies to build and maintain a sustainable competitive edge.

To begin using the IBM Business Partner Locator, visit http://www.ibm.com/partnerworld/wps/bplocator. And please use the comments feature below to let me know your thoughts on this important business-enhancing search tool.

Mark Rickley

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