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Q&A avec BlueSky Technology Partners: Pourquoi chaque partenaire peut bénéficier de la Value Package IBM

What could your business achieve with the IBM Value Package? Several months ago, we asked IBM Value Package subscribers to describe the competitive value of the IBM Value Package. Check out the video here if you missed it.

With the announcement of Value Package 2.0, we caught up with one of the IBM Business Partners featured in that video, Terri Kershner, Director of Channels and Sales Operations with BlueSky Technology Partners—a full-service eCommerce consultancy and digital marketing agency. We talked to Terri about how BlueSky used the Value Package in the months since she appeared in our video and what she thinks of exciting new additions announced earlier this year.

How have you used the Value Package since we last checked in with you?

We’ve used the Value Package for the downloads available through the Software Access Catalog (SAC) and the reimbursements for certification testing.

What are some advantages that the Value Package offers your business?

The SAC helps keep us current—you don’t always need a class, but you do need to be able to access downloads to keep current on the most recent technology and build out proofs of concept.

Autrefois, we regularly took advantage of You Pass, We Pay to get reimbursed for the optional education courses. These courses helped us build our organization and gave our team the skills we needed to go out and have informed conversations about IBM software products. Having access to top-notch training also helped us build our products. More recently though, we’re using the Value Package to get reimbursed for the fees associated with achieving IBM credentials.

Will you be using any of the new Value Package 2.0 benefits?

Le +1 event voucher is something that will be useful for Think 2020. We value attending events such as Think, where IBM introduces roadmaps for the year and other important announcements.

We’re learning more about IBM Cloud Private (ICP), so the new Value Package Sandbox is an interesting addition. We haven’t yet taken advantage of ICP, but it’s great to have access to the Value Package Sandbox when we need it.

Would you recommend the Value Package to other partners? If yes, why?

There’s not a partner out there that doesn’t need at least some part of the Value Package. To us, it’s just an essential part of doing business with IBM and part of our annual investment in our IBM relationship. We’ve never not bought it. If you look at the value, at a certain point it just becomes recurring revenue. Why wouldn’t we pay that $2,500 for everything that we get from the Value Package?

Learn more about the Value Package 2.0 and become a subscriber today: http://ibm.biz/valuepack

Jamie Mendez (@JAMENDEZ11)
Directeur, Marketing Canal, IBM

Jamie est directeur Méndez, Marketing Canal, IBM.

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