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ANALYTICS Partner Experience Em todo o mundo

Ready for IBM Analytics: Nós estamos “em” ... é você?

Just last month, o IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) published a report titled, In or out? Succeeding in the ecosystem economy. Like many of these reports, the analysis compares responses of underperforming companies to those of outperformers in industry. What surprised me is the statement that “despite the inevitability and clear business benefits inherent in ecosystem expansion, a significant majority of business leaders remain unconvinced of the business case for ecosystem engagement.”

You’ll have to read the report yourself to see how these differences in perception offer lessons for the nonbelievers, but for those who don’t need to be convinced, I’m pleased to announce that IBM is definitely “in.” And that’s why we’re introducing our new ecosystem-focused program, which is called the Ready for IBM Analytics technical validation program.

Following a successful soft launch in June and offered at no cost, the Ready for IBM Analytics technical validation program is designed to guide software and hardware vendors through the steps needed to convey confidence that IBM and Business Partner solutions interoperate as designed. It’s my pleasure to welcome the following inaugural partners who have completed the steps to join the program.

  • Aginity offers Aginity Workbench, an at-no-cost solution enabling the world’s top companies to work with data more quickly, easily and efficiently. Aginity Workbench has been validated with DB2 Warehouse.

  • Diyotta offers the Modern Data Integration (MDI) Suite, which orchestrates and automates big data movements and transformations to help organizations turn Apache Hadoop, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) and NoSQL platforms into powerful information hubs within on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments. MDI has been validated with DB2.

  • ESRI is a leader in the “science of where.” ArcGIS provides contextual tools for mapping and spatial reasoning so you can explore data and share location-based insights. ArcGIS creates deeper understanding, allowing you to quickly see where things are happening and how information is connected. ArcGIS has been validated with DB2 and DB2 for z/OS.

  • Looker is a new kind of analytics platform that lets everyone in your business make informed decisions—from anywhere. Across industries, today’s most data-driven businesses use the Looker platform to do more with their data. Looker has been validated with DB2, DB2 for z/OS and DB2 Warehouse.

  • QuerySurge (by RTTS) is a leading data testing solution built to automate the testing of data warehouses and big data. QuerySurge makes validating data quickly really easy, and allows for analyzing and pinpointing up to 100 percent of all data differences while providing both real-time and historical views of your data’s health. QuerySurge has been validated with DB2 and DB2 Warehouse.

In addition to the validations these companies have obtained, the program offers guidance and support in validating with IBM Big SQL, IBM Data Science Experience and IBM Information Governance Catalog—with more to come.

Para saber mais sobre o programa, join us for our webinar, Ready for IBM Analytics está pronto para o negócio, em setembro de 14, 2017, by registering now. Want to get a head start? Visita Ready for IBM Analytics para saber mais.

Now it’s up to you, você está in or out? Você pode deixe-me saber o que você pensa, usando o recurso de comentários abaixo.

Marcus Boone
Diretor de programa, Gestão IBM Analytics Offering, IBM Híbrido Nuvem

Marcus Boone é o Diretor do Programa para o ecossistema Analytics Technology Partner. Juntou-se à equipe da IBM Analytics Gestão de Oferta, 2017 depois de três parcerias anos de construção para a Divisão de Watson recém-criado e dois anos trabalhando com parceiros de negócios em nossa equipe América do Norte Poder Vendas.

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