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Camere per la risoluzione: Unendo spazi di lavoro virtuali e fisici per la collaborazione in tempo reale

IBM Watson Workspace is IBM’s platform for intelligent workstream collaboration. We already know what Watson does for team productivity. When deep insights are critical in real time, project teams can count on Watson Workspace to summarize conversations, prioritize what’s important to team members and translate important keywords into actionable steps. With Watson, coworkers have the means to leverage institutional knowledge from across the enterprise, and the opportunity to bring new subject-matter experts into view alongside fresh and bias-free insights on the project. Because Watson Workspace is also built to integrate seamlessly with everyday tools, work is streamlined, making teams more productive and related business workstreams more efficient and effective. It’s a solution for what McKinsey calls interaction workers at all levels.

But there are times, those essential moments, when collaborative work needs to escape the confines of the virtual world, when meetings need to be escalated into a larger visual environment for real-time data analysis to accelerate decision-making. These are the times when resolution requires both the persone to solve the problem and the information they need to solve it. Oblong’s Mezzanine is exactly the physical platform for this critical moment. Mezzanine integrates with Watson Workspace, and with content from all the various devices collaborators might bring to the table. Mezzanine delivers the ultimate take on the Resolution Room: a content-rich shared workspace for stakeholders in the room, in connected rooms, and wherever they may be remotely, so they can contribute as equal participants in shaping an informed response in real time.

In almost every business vertical, there is a need to gather stakeholders around critical information for decision-making. A commercial construction company working on a skyscraper, per esempio, could elevate documents including architectural drawings, budgets, bids and site data from single-stream sources to Mezzanine to see these multiple elements side by side—and condense the iterative process of plan review with clients and colleagues from weeks to hours. You can imagine a similar framework for an advertising agency, healthcare facility or product development firm.

Because Mezzanine links team members in different room locations (and those working remotely) with a shared work surface scaled for teamwork, productivity peaks and outcomes flow. When teams can more easily sift large amounts of structured and unstructured data simultaneously with cognitive computing surfacing the best insights, and when they can see what they need to see side by side for the discussion, teams can arrive at decisions faster.

Resolution Rooms that combine the physical and virtual elements of collaborative workflows are how teams perform best in the digitally transformed future. Multi-site teams will be evaluating and resolving issues swiftly and methodically with assets, information and outputs moving between virtual and physical spaces to remain persistent and available for daily business. Watson Workspace provides a virtual workspace for collaboration, allowing the team to assemble the critical information and assets to address a distinct business problem. Escalating issues to Mezzanine multiplies the effectiveness of workstream collaboration by enabling team members to foreground all the critical details side by side in a pixel-rich landscape. Resolution is more easily achieved in this collaborative environment.

Because Mezzanine scales up to wrap larger architectural spaces in a flexible digital canvas, or down to fit conference rooms and even smaller huddle spaces, collaborators in all kinds of workplace settings can see and control all the content and data streams essential to the task at hand. Mezzanine alone is powerful, but the additional layer of collaboration and cognitive computing with Watson Workspace takes teamwork to a new level. Collaboration becomes a competitive advantage with the right tools for rapid, informed response.

Se avete domande o volete ulteriori informazioni, please do not hesitate to reach out to Garrett Gomez, Product Marketing Manager for IBM Watson Workspace, [email protected].

Lilian Bories
Vice Presidente Marketing
Oblong Industries, Inc.

Lilian Bories è Vice Presidente del Marketing per Oblong Industries, Inc. Bories guida il team di marketing Oblong, il collegamento con il pubblico e lo sviluppo di strategie per posizionare i suoi prodotti unici sul mercato. Lilian ha lavorato in diverse posizioni di leadership di marketing nelle organizzazioni globali come Nestlé e Avery Dennison in tre continenti. Le sue principali responsabilità hanno incluso il lancio di nuovi prodotti e ampliare il coinvolgimento dei consumatori con il nuovo, in crescita, e marchi stabilita. Ha conseguito una laurea in marketing (Francia) e un MBA dalla AGSM in Sydney, Australia.

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