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EUROPE Finance and Banking

Rosbank’s improved reporting capabilities are built on a solid foundation for transformation

Rosbank is one of the top banks in Russia. Founded in 1993, the bank is a subsidiary of Société Générale and as such has a complex set of reporting requirements. As an international business, it is subject to complex regulations set by industry standards bodies, as well as the requirements of shareholders and clients.

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) regulation 239, “Principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting,” mandates risk reporting and data management capabilities for major financial institutions. To meet the requirements of both European and Russian regulators, Rosbank undertook a program of modernization of its data warehouse structure.

IBM and Business Partner IBS Platformix worked together to develop a system that enables Rosbank to graphically trace the entire path of each financial attribute from source to final reporting rate, as well as exploring the relationships between financial objects. The result is a fully transparent data flow and highly sophisticated reporting capabilities.

The solution also encompasses a new IT infrastructure landscape with four distinct environments; for developing, testing, certification and industrial application, as well as a rigorous system of emergency recovery.

Alexander Alabushev, Director, IBS Platformix says, “Being one of the largest and most reliable banks in Russia, Rosbank uses only proven technologies and quality that meet modern international standards. The same principle applies to the IT infrastructure, which is a technological platform for the operation of all business processes of the bank. By choosing IBM Power Systems, Rosbank improved its server infrastructure qualitatively, increasing its flexibility, productivity, reliability, manageability and transparency.”

Rosbank’s new reporting capabilities not only meet the reporting requirements of international regulators; they also offer a solid foundation for further digital transformation, enabling the bank to stay ahead in this highly competitive market.

Andrew Davidson
Channel Communications, Europe

Andrew Davidson leads communications for IBM's One Channel business in Europe. With over 20 years experience in telling stories about technology innovation and the way it shapes our world, Andrew helps IBM and its Business Partners to share how they are working together to increase client value.

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