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lauréats de Beacon pour SaaS et Cloud innovations

Welcome to the sixteenth blog in our Cloud Success Series for Business Partner XaaS transformation.

lauréats de Beacon pour SaaS et Cloud innovations

2016 saw a great expansion of our XaaS and Cloud capabilities. Our product line includes 150+ SaaS apps and Bluemix is expanding its services and capabilities every day. During our Global Cloud Success workshops, we focus on the importance of using XaaS to transition your business. While beginning with resell is a great place to start, real XaaS success comes when you create repeatable solutions that improve methodology while focusing on automation to increase margin. Your creation of IP will bring strong collaboration with your customers as you begin to develop deep industry relationships.

At the recent PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, we announced our Beacon award winners for SaaS and Cloud innovations. These winners focused on the philosophy above and developed solutions that will drive revenues for them and attract new customers for years to come while solving business problems for their customers.

Zilker Technology from Austin, Texas concentrated on Cloud integration with their solution, “Hybrid Cloud Accelerator for Process Transformation.This healthcare solution coordinates the scheduling of people, procedures and facilities, resulting in a reduction of forms and paperwork, more time for patient care, and an overall improved patient experience.

A primary goal of our company is to create repeatable solutions that enable business results for our clients.”—Rob Thomas, PRÉSIDENT-DIRECTEUR GÉNÉRAL, and co-founder of Zilker Technology.

Mark III Systems—a long-time IBM Business Partner—used Bluemix to create a new subsidiary, BlueChasom, focused around Cognitive Cloud opportunities. They are using multiple Watson APIs, IBM Services and coding on Swift. Creating a highly repeatable solution with tremendous growth potential across industries, Mark III used Bluemix to reinvent themselves by developing the Beacon award-winning Cognitive Call Center platform.

Built on Bluemix and utilizing IBM Watson, the Cognitive Call Center is one of our key platforms, enabling enterprises and partners to easily leverage the power of cognitive to serve their clients and stakeholders and stand out in a crowded marketplace.”—Andy Lin, Vice Président, Systèmes Mark III.

These are just two examples of Business Partners leveraging IBM solutions to build a sustainable Cloud and XaaS business. To see more Business Partners who are transforming, take a look at all of our award winners. Plus, you can check out the IBM Cloud Success Blog series to view the blogs from 2016.

Don’t forget to visit PartnerWorld University for Cloud SaaS Enablement éducation. Comme toujours, you can let me know what you think by using the comment feature below.

David Wilson
Vice Président, Partenaires commerciaux et Innovation Canal
IBM Cloud, Channel Sales



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David Wilson est Vice Président, Partenaires commerciaux IBM Cloud et canal Innovation. Dans ce rôle, David est responsable de tous les aspects de l'IBM Global Cloud Business Partner Network à travers l'unité d'affaires IBM Cloud et la société IBM plus large, y compris les offres IaaS IBM (SoftLayer, etc.) Offres PaaS (BlueMix, etc.), Offres Mobile (Lampe de travail, etc.) et IBM 100+ Offres SaaS. Il a des responsabilités de fonction d'affaires pour les ventes de canal IBM Cloud (revendre, ASL/OEM, distribution, influence), gestion du programme, activation/support technique, alliances et développement des affaires.

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