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CLOUD Point de vue administration IBM Cloud Success Series Dans le monde entier

Se préparer pour 2018 Le succès marié!

While we are all passionate about the value of cloud, we are often faced with the hard-hitting questions on how to seize the opportunity, how to leapfrog the competition, and how to transform our business model to take advantage of the API economy. The business focus is shifting from the basics of pivoting to a Monthly Recurring Revenue model, to the true grit of running a successful SaaS business.

As we work with Business Partners, we know many of you are trying to address challenging questions about how to continually transform your businesses while staying ahead of your competition. Many of you are asking yourselves questions such as: What solution areas will my customers get the most benefit from in cloud? Do I have sellers who can deliver a solution sales pitch without talking just product? Do I have the right skills to implement an end-to-end cloud solution? How do I market in a digital economy? How do I manage a SaaS install along the entire customer lifecycle to reduce churn? These are questions every business needs to answer to increase success in cloud.

Notre 2018 plan for the bimonthly Business Partner Voices Cloud Success blog series is to help you address these questions with a range of thought leadership topics that will walk you through the steps to help accelerate your cloud business transformation. A sample of topics we will address include:

  • It isn’t all or nothing: Keeping the lights on with a Hybrid Cloud strategy
  • How to keep my customers engaged: Touch points along the customer lifecycle
  • Building a SaaS focus area: What’s your core competency?
  • The right skills to be successful: Enabling your hunters
  • Spread the word: Leveraging the digital era to enhance your go-to-market tactics

You’ve had an incredible year transforming your business and we want to hear more about your successes. Le 2018 Beacon Awards give you an opportunity to show the market how you are innovating with cloud. It is an advantage to nominate solutions that run both on premises and in the SaaS delivery model, providing our clients with choice and flexibility. Read more about the benefits of this award in Jacqueline Woods’s latest blog. Submit your nominations by January 16. Get your business recognized and submit your nomination today to become the next Beacon Award winner!

I wish you the best success closing your year! Et comme toujours, vous pouvez me faire savoir ce que vous pensez en utilisant les commentaires ci-après illustrent.

Laurie Evans (@lolobevans)
Vice Président, Partenaires commerciaux et Innovation Canal
IBM Cloud, Channel Sales

Laurie Evans est vice-président, Partenaires commerciaux et Innovation Canal, Sales Cloud IBM Canal. Elle est responsable de la stratégie Business Partner et de l'exécution des ventes dans le monde entier. L'équipe de Laurie conduit la direction stratégique de tous les types partenaires d'affaires, y compris VADs, Revendeurs, Partenaires SaaS, Éditeurs de logiciels, Projets de moyenne envergure, Et CSPs SEEE. Laurie a récemment rejoint IBM et a plus 24 années d'expérience dans la vente directe et canal, OEM et Alliances.

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