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CLOUD IBM Série Sucesso Nuvem Transformação Em todo o mundo

Parceiros de Negócios investir na transformação nuvem leva ao aumento do crescimento e oportunidades

Cloud transformation comes in many shapes and sizes, but in each case it takes partners on a journey that is designed to improve business outcomes.

Clients are demanding more from vendors and partners, driving the need for increased skills and breadth of offerings to meet those needs. To sustain and grow your business, you need to expand your capabilities and reach, as well as offer both on-premises and cloud-based solutions.

Following are highlights from four Business Partners with proven transformation success.


Tecnologia Agenor successfully transformed their business by shifting to cloud delivery.

      • 40 percent growth in revenues from ICEFLO with a global reach
      • 15 percent rise in SLA compliance and 99.9 percent service availability
      • Utilizing solutions from the resilient IBM Cloud and IBM DevOps portfolio

Cloud really has unlocked doors for us to sell to companies all over the world.—Jason Forsyth, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Tecnologia Agenor, Scotland


Emergys, an IBM full stack provider, embraced cloud technologies, enabling them to get their foot in the door with new clients, fueling growth.

        • Empowered development of repeatable solutions and intellectual property
        • Saved time on POCs that demonstrate value closing deals faster
        • Utilizing IBM App Connect, Blueworks Vivo, Business Process Management, Integration Bus, planejamento Analytics, WebSphere® Commerce, WebSphere Portal and IBM Global Financing.

Cloud-based systems have the capability to scale as we grow, so that our internal technology can keep up with our expansion goals.—Martin Banda, Diretor Geral, Emergys, Mexico


T-Impact took to the cloud, transforming and shaping to an IT service business that fit their digital future.

          • IBM Cloud solutions powered a go-to-market strategy, fueling growth
          • Made enterprise IT solutions affordable to smaller businesses opening new markets and revenue sources
          • Utilizing IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud, IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud, IBM Watson services

IBM Cloud has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for us. We have significantly enriched our service portfolio, and we’re serving a completely new range of clients across many different sectors.—Tim Pinchin, Head of Marketing, T-Impact, England


Tecnologia Zilker found the key to unlocking fresh commercial cloud opportunities, resulting in 8x growth in just three years.

            • 10x faster creation of client demonstrations
            • 4x quicker deployments for clients
            • Utilizing IBM API Connect, App ID and IBM Cloud technology components such as IBM SDK for Node.js, NoSQL databases and Kubernetes containers, IBM Global Financing, IBM IaaS for virtual and dedicated servers and cloud connectivity as well as IBM Watson IaaS and SaaS services.

“IBM has played a pivotal role in our business transformation in so many ways.”—Mark Lucente, Managing Partner and Technical Director, Tecnologia Zilker, EUA

Find out more about how these transformative Business Partners are accelerating their growth. Their success stories are on PartnerWorld www.IBM.com/Partnerworld/Cloud e www.ibm.com/partnerworld/analytics for you to reference and gain ideas to help shape your business transformation journey.

We would love to hear your transformation story too. You can email us directly, or let us know what you think by using the comments feature below.

Ann Saydah
Unidade de Negócios Executivo, Vendas
Esposa canal de Aceleração
IBM Cloud Parceiros de Negócios

Michèle Payne
Gerente de Marketing Sênior
Nuvem e Software-as-a-Service
IBM Global Business Partners


Para todo o IBM Cloud Series Sucesso, por favor, clique aqui.

Ann Saydah é Unidade de Negócios Executivo, Vendas Globais Canal, IBM Cloud. Senhora. Saydah é responsável pela condução XaaS e outras iniciativas de crescimento do canal com a IBM Revendedores, Distribuidores e fornecedores de soluções. Saydah fornece liderança para uma equipe de Líderes WW Canal missioned para ajudar Parceiros de Negócios IBM crescer seus negócios e inovar para os seus clientes com ofertas como-um-Serviço da IBM, bem como o crescimento oportunidade software global.

Michele J. Payne é o Gerente de Marketing Sênior para Nuvem e Software-as-a-Service, IBM Global Business Partners. Michèle é baseado em Ontário, Canadá.

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