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Internet das coisas Transformação Watson Em todo o mundo

Acelerar a adoção de SaaS para ofertas Watson da Internet das coisas

Software as a service (SaaS) is increasingly transforming the landscape of information technology. Na verdade, IDC predicts that by 2020, 67 percent of all enterprise IT infrastructure and software spending will be for cloud-based offerings. Some of the fastest-growing companies over the next few years will be those using and selling SaaS. If your business model doesn’t include SaaS, your competitors’ growth might outpace yours.

Among the many IT marketplaces being transformed by SaaS, the Internet of Things (Muito) field is experiencing a significant rise in SaaS adoption. Here are three reasons why SaaS growth is happening in IoT:

    1. New verticals. New organizations are using IoT to differentiate themselves, especially in retail and healthcare.

    3. The need to scale. Organizations are looking for ways to scale, and ways to get data in and out of data centers and sensors to places where people can use the information, such as the cloud.

    5. Hybrid environments. Many organizations have large investments in their solutions and infrastructure. They want to be able to take advantage of their resources in an agile fashion, to try new things. SaaS provides an ideal level of flexibility to pilot, start small and grow.


Why should you discuss SaaS solutions with your Watson IoT clients?

    • Your clients are likely exploring many deployment options. As organizations check with their peers, you can position yourself as a change leader and consultant who can help them evaluate whether a SaaS deployment makes sense for their strategy, needs and organization.


    • You can create a profitable annuity stream. You can capitalize on the opportunity to provide professional services to clients by embracing SaaS as part of your business model.

    • If you are not having the conversation with your clients, your competitors are. There are many entrants in the SaaS space—the barriers to enter are lower than before. Be aware and prepared to discuss SaaS as a deployment option.

Many Watson IoT offerings are available through SaaS deployment options, including IBM Continuous Engineering on Cloud, Maximo and TRIRIGA. Learn more about the SaaS deployment options of these offerings, see deep dive comparisons and find out more about making money with IBM SaaS offerings by watching the on-demand webinar, “Watson IoT SaaS offerings: What every Business Partner needs to know – Part 1.”

Getting started with SaaS

It’s important to prepare to shift toward a world where every client has an opportunity to use SaaS to innovate, and for you to enhance business insight into what your customers are trying to achieve. Check out the following resources to discover new ways to take advantage of SaaS and grow your business:

    • Watch the on-demand webinar,“Watson IoT SaaS Offerings: What every Business Partner needs to know – Part 2.” Assista agora



    • Identify IBM SaaS solutions that can supplement your existing solutions. Explore IBM IoT SaaS PID products using Passport Advantage Online.


    • Access Watson IoT SaaS offerings sales kit resources.

    • alavancar o IBM Bridge to Cloud Sales Play that’s available through your current Business Partner clients/accounts, where the Subscription and Support (S&S) relationship is between you and the end customer. The play provides an easy process for clients to either try SaaS or move to SaaS offerings.

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Johannes zu Eltz,
WW Chefe do Canal de Vendas & ecossistema

Johannes zu Eltz é Worldwide Chefe de canal de vendas e Ecossistema para IBM Watson Internet das coisas, e baseia-se em Munique, Alemanha. Ele é responsável pela condução do crescimento significativo da receita através do canal de parceiros de negócios para Watson Internet das coisas no mundo todo. Antes de sua função atual, Ele liderou a equipe IBM MobileFirst Channel Worldwide. Mr. zu Eltz é formado em Física Técnica da Escola Superior de Tecnologia Avançada em Munique, Alemanha, e MBA pelo INSEAD Fontainebleau, França, a principal escola de negócios europeia.

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