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ANALYTICS Infrastrutture Trasformazione In tutto il mondo

SAP HANA su IBM Power Systems: Aiutare i clienti ad accelerare il loro trasformazione digitale

Let’s start with an impressive statistic: since SAP announced support of HANA on IBM Power Systems in mid-2015, sopra 600 aziende have already selected Power Systems as their platform for current and future SAP HANA projects. And now in 2017, IBM Business Partners around the world are able to help their customers across a range of industries transform their businesses to meet today’s evolving demands with SAP HANA su IBM Power Systems—a platform built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications.

The advantage is that with SAP HANA on Power Systems in the mix, organizations are now in the enviable position of being able to accelerate performance of their analytics, transactional workloads, enterprise resource planning (ERP) e più.

Per esempio, automotive manufacturer Indus Motor Company wanted to improve the customer experience by delivering high-quality vehicles rapidly and at the lowest cost. They knew that achieving its goals in this highly competitive market would demand a full-scale digital transformation.

“Thanks to our IBM and SAP solutions, we are achieving the digital transformation that will help us strengthen our competitiveness in a fast-moving marketplace.”—Faizan Mustafa, CIO/Head of IT, Indus Motor Company Ltd.

Not only are companies gaining performance and resiliency advantages with SAP HANA on Power Systems, but they are also accomplishing this while reducing complexity and simplifying operations. Watch the video below to find out how Bosch Group, a global manufacturer, implemented SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA database on Power Systems to allow business users to set up systems quickly with minimal support from IT, saving time and driving a rich culture of innovation.

Girando una partnership tecnologica in profondità in opportunità di business
For sopra 40 anni, IBM and SAP have helped clients build winning strategies through thousands of successful implementations. Over the past few years, this deep technology partnership has been leveraged by many IBM Business Partners as they help their customers accelerate their digital transformation by moving to SAP HANA on Power Systems.

HANA is a strategic platform for SAP, and has been one of the fastest-growing workloads on Power Systems. This is a great opportunity to become a trusted advisor to your customers and help them understand how Power Systems can enable them to take advantage of the advanced features of HANA in ways they can’t with commodity servers.

Get started by building your skills today
IBM has made it easy for IBM Business Partners to get started with a rich set of assets loaded into IBM FindIT, compelling marketing campaigns loaded into the IBM Digital Marketing Content piattaforma, and both online IBM PartnerWorld University and classroom education.

It’s convenient to have education in many different forms—and with everyone’s busy schedules, il IBM Systems Education Open Badges program is quickly becoming one of the most popular. Badging is a great way to build your personal skills when it is most convenient to you, and it’s also a great way to communicate your credentials to others.

This SAP HANA on Power Systems badge is an IBM-issued and IBM-recognized badge that attests the following skills have been obtained by the holder:

  • An understanding of the benefit an SAP HANA on Power Systems solution can bring to clients
  • Foundational knowledge of the deployment options with SAP HANA on Power Systems
  • Awareness of the competition and how to position SAP HANA on Power Systems to win the opportunity


If you haven’t seen the IBM Systems Education Open Badges programma, I highly recommend you explore your options. In addition to SAP HANA on Power Systems, IBM offers Power Systems badges for other fast-growing opportunity areas such as Open Data Platform (open source databases), High-Performance Computing & analisi dei dati, and Linux on Power … with other topics coming soon.

IBM is always looking for new and existing Business Partners interesting in helping their customers accelerate their digital transformation. If you have any questions or are looking for additional information, per favore non esitate a entrare in contatto con il rappresentante IBM o per me [email protected].

Bob Fresh (@bobfriske)
Global Channel Marketing Manager, IBM Power Systems


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Bob Fresh, Global Manager Channel Marketing per IBM Power Systems, ha tre decenni di esperienza con IBM-metà di quel tempo come un Big Data IBM in tutto il mondo, Analytics e Cloud Specialist, e la metà di un cliente IBM che lavora per una delle tre grandi case automobilistiche in Michigan. Bob attualmente lavora per IBM Power Systems, aiutare i Business Partner portare nuova, Aperto, soluzioni innovative per il mercato che aiutano i clienti a espandere le loro opportunità di business offrendo allo stesso tempo le esperienze dei clienti eccezionali.

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