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Selling with Social Insights: Turn Social Listening into Sales


According to MarketWire, 83 percent of all B2B companies now use social media to engage with customers and prospects and to generate leads. Clearly, the time has come to embrace the digital age—and we’re here to help you do it. On July 22, IBM PartnerWorld launched Selling with Social Insights—a rich, solution-oriented platform designed to help you turn social listening into sales.

Think about it: Wouldn’t you like to harness the power of the social web to drive more revenue, expand your portfolios and enter new markets?

One of the primary objectives driving our investment in this experience is giving you an easy way to connect with clients (and potential clients) around the hottest trending solution conversations. Selling with Social Insights works by aggregating data from these conversations and turning it into actionable intelligence at a glance—which is a pretty exciting prospect for busy sales reps, marketers and executives

Accelerating market opportunities

Let’s start with the market opportunity. Selling with Social Insights is organized along five of the fastest-growing solution area markets: Cloud, Mobile, Big Data and Analytics, Social Business and Smarter Cities.

These are the markets that B2B and Midmarket companies are investigating and investing in. Crucially, their interest, conversations and exploration is largely taking place in social, public places. For example, we’ve learned during the development of this experience that each week, over 35,000 unique content elements are generated around these five priority topic areas alone. The sheer volume of this content makes it nearly impossible for anyone to be in-the-know about the latest technology trends and opportunities. Until now.

How it works

Selling with Social Insights monitors more than 280 million social sources—including blogs, forums, articles, social networks and more—multiple times a day. We’ve built complex and carefully crafted queries and filters to cut through the clutter and extract the most relevant content from the most authoritative sources. By monitoring the content of influencers around these priority solution areas, together we can spot industry trends before traditional publications, and we can make a correlation between the online conversation and market needs.

In addition, our social listening platform brings together trending topics, opportunity insight and intelligence from the social web and strategically aligns it to a Solution Readiness Score that indicates your firm’s ability to effectively sell the solution. You can watch your score improve as you complete suggested IBM education and certifications to enhance your skills. The platform also includes sales enablement content to help advance your opportunities and gives you faster access to key IBM subject-matter experts.

Sound good? Selling with Social Insights is a pilot only in the United States right now, but we think this is going to prove to be an important resource for IBM Business Partners. Click here to get started with Selling with Social Insights, and let me know what you think by using the “comments” area below!

Lisa Newton

P.S. – Click here to watch a video tutorial on Selling with Social Insights

Lisa Newton is responsible for Digital Content & Social Engagement Strategy for Global IBM Business Partners. Ms. Newton has also developed campaigns, programs and communications to help IBM Business Partners enhance their competitive edge with clients.

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