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Avez-vous une bonne histoire à raconter? notre Think 2019 appel aux conférenciers est maintenant ouvert

Have you or your clients faced a challenge that led to a breakthrough in your industry or reinvented your processes, or resulted in success worth sharing?

If your answer is YES, I invite you to submit your proposal to become a speaker at Think 2019.

Le Pense 2019 call for speakers is open, so now is the time to share your story with one of the world’s most celebrated communities of passionate technologists!

Taking place for the first time in San Francisco, Pense 2019 is a fantastic opportunity to gain new skills, elevate your brand and expand your network. And if you’re selected as a speaker, you may be eligible for a free conference pass valued at $2,295.

S'il vous plaît submit your proposal to become a speaker at Think 2019 ici. Lectures, laboratoires, panels, breakout sessions, etc.—all formats are welcome!

Your success is our number one goal. We’d like to help you celebrate that.

Jacqueline Woods (@ jacwoods2020)
Chief Marketing Officer, Global Business Partners, IBM

Jacqueline Woods est directeur du marketing, IBM Global Business Partners. Elle conduit les efforts de marketing dans le monde entier autour de l'activité de canal d'IBM, en mettant l'accent sur la croissance dynamique de partenaire commercial IBM Cloud et technologies cognitives.

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