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Generating Demand Partner Experience Dans le monde entier

Conditions de comarketing simplifié: Comment faire des affaires avec IBM devient plus facile!

Doing business with IBM just got easier! Imagine beginning a business journey with a 19-page contract, full of terms you may not understand. Business Partners told IBM the process was not ideal, and IBM listened.

The Co-Marketing Terms and Conditions (Ts/Cs) have now been written using less legalese, making them easier to understand. The contract is now only three pages! En outre:

1 – All “how to execute” language has been moved to the IBM Co-Marketing Guide, a companion document to the Ts/Cs.

2 – There is also now a clear description of:

    • Expenses that are prohibited
    • Expenses that can cause an entire claim to be ineligible for reimbursement
    • Business Partner responsibilities

    The changes allow Business Partners to focus on their marketing efforts and reap the benefits of co-marketing with IBM. IBM…introduced us to a new kind of marketing, and the funds helped us explore that, leading to 20 percent more leads.”—Flavio Denicolay, Commercial Manager, IGV (Ing. Gastón Verdier)

    Business Partners can access the Ts/Cs associated with an Incentive Offering in the Co-Marketing Center tool. For questions concerning the updated Ts/Cs, please send a note to the task ID, [email protected]

    Donna Schlitt
    Directeur de co-marketing, IBM Global Business Partners

Donna Schlitt, Directeur de co-marketing, IBM Global Business Partners Donna Schlitt has worldwide responsibility for all aspects of co-marketing programs and the Co-Marketing Center (CMC). Elle a des années d'expérience dans l'entreprise IBM des rôles de l'industrie à divers rôles dans les programmes de la demande de soutien STG, GTS et SWG. Son expérience dans le canal couvre co-marketing, Enablement, des ateliers de formation et de transformation des entreprises partenaires pour l'évolution de leurs modèles d'affaires de produits de pointe à valeur plus élevée et des modèles de rente.

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