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Generating Demand Partner Experience Worldwide

Simplify your life during the holidays with DCM automation

The end of the year can be a really busy time both professionally and personally. Let IBM Digital Content Marketing, also known as DCM, help ease you through this high-pressure time so that you can spend more energy tuning in to the people and things that matter. The best part is that all existing IBM Business Partners have access to this benefit.

Here’s what to do: Utilize the DCM automated workflows. When you use the campaigns in the way we present them within the automated workflows, with a well-defined strategy headed straight for conversion, the magic really happens.

Here’s why that helps: The content in these automated workflows comes from teams of subject-matter experts, whose jobs are to gain a deep understanding of our products and solutions, and to create campaigns that take potential buyers from prospects to leads. Then we test, optimize and iterate on all of the campaigns we create before they ever get to you. Finally, our Channel Marketing experts convert these campaigns to make them appropriate for our Business Partner community to use for your own prospects. All you need to do is put your unique value proposition into the equation and you have a very low-effort but high-quality campaign to run.

When you launch the campaign as prescribed, you can be sure you are sending out the right message at the right time. Start at the discovery stage when thought-leadership and general awareness is key, and then move through the buyers’ journey into product-specific information that helps prospects differentiate your solution from those of competitors. Combine that with the power of co-marketing funds and IBM just made your holidays a whole lot simpler!

Lisa Friedrich
Digital Marketing Programs Manager
WW Ecosystem Marketing
IBM Partner Ecosystem

Lisa Friedrich, Digital Marketing Programs Manager for the IBM Partner Ecosystem, has been a passionate advocate for elevating the Digital Content Marketing (DCM) program to better serve the IBM Business Partner community. In this role she uses her extensive strategic marketing and digital background to continually improve the business partner experience for the DCM program.

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