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CLOUD Executive Perspective Generating Demand

How we’re simplifying scale-out clouds

Businesses value simplicity when it comes to their data centers. After all, when technology can be implemented quickly and runs efficiently, they can apply resources to business growth initiatives.

It is natural for businesses to move away from silos of resources toward the efficiencies of shared infrastructures, to virtualized environments, and eventually to internal clouds to increase agility and reduce cost. By bringing together servers, networking, and storage – all within a flexible, integrated and tested configuration – they’re relieved of pains in two phases of the infrastructure lifecycle: First-day deployment and everyday operational management.

To help clients meet these needs, today IBM announced an addition to the family of Power Systems and Storage integrated solutions:

The new IBM Power Systems and Storage Solution Edition for Scale-Out Cloud solution features Power Scale-Out Systems, Storwize V7000 storage and IBM Cloud Manager, creating an integrated infrastructure solution that allows clients to quickly deploy and tackle tough big data analytics workloads in a scalable architecture, which is a prevalent requirement for any cloud infrastructure.

IBM has integrated Power Systems and Storwize V7000 operational management with IBM Cloud Manager, which leverages OpenStack, in order to save businesses time during everyday tasks. This OpenStack-based solution seamlessly works with current management tools and processes that are commonly used across the data center.

The Scale-Out Cloud solution showcases innovation across IBM servers, storage and software, which together are delivering tremendous business value. This solution addresses today’s virtualization needs and simplifies your roadmap to an optimized “as a service” infrastructure.

To access reference materials on this solution, visit PartnerWorld here. And please leave your questions in the comments section below, or reach out to us on Twitter: @IBMPowerSystems.

Doug Balog
GM, Power Systems

Douglas (Doug) Balog is the general manager for IBM Power Systems. In that capacity, he is responsible for all facets of the Power Systems’ business including strategy, architecture, operations, technology development and overall financial performance.

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