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Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing


Storage is evolving quickly. As IBM Business Partners, there are a number of ways for you to deepen client engagement, and topics like Flash, storage efficiency, cloud, expert integrated infrastructure and analytics are driving the discussion.

But first of all, I’d like to thank you—our Business Partners—for the extremely high exit survey rating you awarded my recent Leadership Exchange presentation at the 2013 IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference. It shows that in laying out our priorities for 2013 and 2014, we’re primarily on the same page.

For many of the clients we’re all talking to, IT budgets for new technology acquisition can sometimes be inflexible. Instead of being a negative, this provides an opportunity to demonstrate the key differentiator of our Smarter Storage portfolio—namely our ability to provide significant infrastructure cost reduction and free up critical IT resources for other endeavors.

IBM Storwize family — At a high-level, the IBM® Storwize® family offers a couple of critical infrastructure advantages such as Thin Provisioning and Real-time Compression to enhance database performance. Real-time Compression in particular can deliver up to five times compression while maintaining or improving database transaction response time. In addition, Storwize can combine with Flash storage for an extraordinary business advantage.

IBM FlashSystem 820—“All-Flash” — In addition to clear IBM differentiation with IBM Z and Power systems, IBM FlashSystem™ in particular is changing the economics of high-performance storage for the enterprise. A proof of concept with Vaillant Group illustrated that performance is 12 times faster with IBM FlashSystem, and that’s a pretty powerful metric to consider.

Metrics for storage optimization

Certainly for growth initiatives like cloud, big data/analytics or storage for a virtualized data center in distributed environments, the efficiency and agility of IBM Storwize and IBM FlashSystem are truly capable of enabling clients to do more with less through storage optimization, and putting some numbers behind that message is important.

In testing for the IBM Storwize solutions, for example, lab measurements show that we can help clients store five times more data in the same space. Moreover, Forrester Research reported that we are able to cut management effort by 47 percent.

For IBM FlashSystem, the metrics are even more staggering. A roundup of IBM FlashSystem use cases indicated a 90 percent increase in transaction times for banking, trading and telecom industry clients, as well as in online markets and online gaming. For data center consolidation and cloud, there was also an 80 percent reduction in energy usage, which is a vital component of total infrastructure costs.

Watch a video of the presentation

If you missed my Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing Leadership Exchanges, watch it here for free on the PartnerWorld live stream site. And let me know what you think by commenting below.

Ed Walsh

Ed Walsh is an industry leader known for his ability to recognize emerging technologies and taking them to market. His recent success with Storwize and the sale of the Real-time Compression technology to IBM is a hallmark of his understanding relationship with the industry.

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