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Storage management for midsize clients

Our clients are seeing unprecedented data growth driven by new workloads such as analytics, social and mobile. However, most have tight IT budgets. This is putting clients in a bind. As a result, many are seeking solutions to deliver more capacity at lower infrastructure and management costs.

In our recent hangout, Jeff Barnett, Program Director – Spectrum Control Business Line Manager and Geoff Baltz, President, ApexIT Consulting Group, an IBM Business Partner, discussed the best ways to talk to midsize clients about storage management. Most of these clients are not using traditional storage management tools due to the cost, complexity and administrative overhead. There has been a lack of tools specifically designed for midsize users to help them work through performance issues or help them understand capacity use and planning.

Businesses are not only seeking solutions at lower infrastructure and management costs, but also want to understand what the ROI will be. So how do we talk to our customers about the IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights offering? Here are the key takeaways can Business Partners can leave with clients:

  1. Spectrum Control Storage Insights requires minimal setup and no administrative overhead.
  1. It addresses the top needs your clients have such as solving performance problems, planning capacity and lowering infrastructure costs. Spectrum Control Storage Insights will also make it easier for you to work with your clients on plans for future capacity.
  1. The application and departmental views are useful to help clients understand performance or capacity use.


So where are the value and the opportunity—and how do we get our clients to consider this offering?

As Jeff Barnett said, “The key with any new offering in a new market is to get input and respond quickly. We are doing just that by totally restructuring the pricing. IBM Storage is both lowering the minimum client environment size to just 50 TB and reducing the price per terabyte by one-third. We set this price point so that no discounting is needed. This should make it simpler to close a deal quickly.”

Your clients need Spectrum Control Storage Insights to offer a more competitive solution, and we have some thoughts on starting the conversation.

So watch our hangout about Storage Management for midmarket clients, and check out the no-charge 30-day trial to get your clients started.

Bookmark the IBM Business Partner Inform page, and let us know how we can help you succeed. And you can also let me know what you think by using the comments feature below.

Claire Colle
IBM Storage Marketing Channel Manager
[email protected]

Claire Colle is responsible for Global Business Partner Marketing for IBM Storage Solutions, and has over 20 years experience in channel marketing, programs and sales. Her work includes helping Business Partners drive Spectrum Storage Solutions to allow clients to unlock the value of their data.

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