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Perspectiva do executiva Transformação Em todo o mundo

Obrigado por uma grande 2017!

Hard to believe, mas 2017 is nearly over—and what an amazing and transformational year it’s been! I’m glad to be able to take some time to say hello and happy holidays to you, nossos Parceiros de Negócios IBM valorizados. In doing so though, I realized two things right out of the gate: primeiro, there were five key milestones we achieved together this year, and each of those milestones definitely deserves some in-depth reflection. I had a lot to say, in other words.

Segundo, as I took over the position of general manager of the Global Business Partner organization this past summer, there are many of you I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person yet. So to bridge that gap, I thought I’d do something a little more personal—and speak to all of you directly on video to convey my gratitude and share my perspective as we near the end of the year and head into 2018 e mais além. I hope you’ll find my thoughts useful and that the video will give you some sense of how honored we are to have such a strong and innovative Business Partner ecosystem.

Thank you again for a tremendous year, and I hope you enjoy your well-deserved holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa.

John Teltsch @johnteltsch
Gerente geral, IBM Global Business Partners

Como o gerente geral para a IBM Ecossistema de Parceiros, John Teltsch lidera a organização mundial que suporta mais de 160,000 Parceiros de negócios IBM. Ele se envolve com os parceiros de canal da IBM ao redor oportunidades emergentes na nuvem, Analytics, móveis, sistemas de, segurança e computação cognitiva.

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