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Le surlendemain

What do you think about when you hear “the day after tomorrow”? Is it the Hollywood movie De 2004 avec Dennis Quaid? Is it what’s just around the corner? Or is it a guiding principle you apply in day-to-day business to succeed, now and in the future?

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in three inspiring events. I was presenting at the IBM Business Partner Community in the Netherlands, keynoting at the B2B Chief Marketing Officer roundtable in London and participating in the B2B Digital Revolution Event of the Dutch Marketing Association. What these three events had in common, both in presentations and discussions afterwards, was the notion of the critical importance of thinking about and planning for the future. How do you succeed as a brand today, tomorrow and even more importantly, the day after tomorrow? Thinking, planning and executing for tomorrow will not make the difference. It will not make you stand out. It will not set you up for long-term success.

The concept to start with “the day after tomorrow” lies close to one of the core habits I adopted from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits; always start with an end goal in mind! With competition increasing, clients becoming more demanding and technology advancing at warp speed, you need to have a long-term ambition, now more than ever! What is your ultimate aspiration for how you want to make your clients succeed?

Too often we are distracted by operational execution and the rat race to make deadlines or short-term operational goals and we forget the long-term vision and ambition. How will you enlighten your client, what is the lasting impact you will make in terms of belief, action and advocacy? How do you use new technologies like Watson and blockchain in marketing? How are you going to be successful by making others successful?

Answering those questions requires you to create the mental and physical time to think, reflect and get inspired. And that is often the challenging part: Where, when and how do you get inspiration to think? Well … that is where Pense 2018 comes in!

Pense 2018 offers a great starting point for you, your partners and your clients to think about the day after tomorrow. This unique first-of-its-kind global IBM event will gather 40,000 of the world’s most inspiring innovators, dirigeants, and thinkers in one place, offering inspiration, éducation, reinvention and innovation! It is about taking the time to step back, and to understand what is going on in the world around AI, Nuage, Les données, Security and Systems. To get inspired and think about how you can make a difference today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

With keynotes, innovation talks, lab sessions, ateliers, executive meetings, certifications possibilities and yes also some good entertainment this truly is an opportunity our clients and partners should not miss out on.

And if the opportunity to Pense about the day after tomorrow in itself is not enough reason? Our Business Partners here in Europe have even more reasons to register for Think, including discounted rates, even up to the level of 100 pour cent! Join in the meeting of minds, at the forefront of innovation!

Au plaisir de vous voir à Las Vegas!

Ronald Velten, RM
De marketing & Directeur de la communication, IBM Europe

Ronald Velten is Marketing Director, Partner Ecosystem for IBM Europe, et est responsable de l'élaboration et la mise en œuvre de la stratégie commerciale et marketing pour l'écosystème IBM et des canaux dans l'UE. Précédemment, il a occupé différents postes de direction de marketing local et international chez IBM, dont la plus récente est la commercialisation européenne & Directeur des communications pour les services Global Technology. En plus de son travail pour IBM, il est co-fondateur de l'OCM-réseau « Forum de transformation Marketing », membre du conseil de la Esprix, Membre du jury pour les Marketing Awards néerlandais et ancien membre du conseil d'administration et fondateur de la plate-forme d'expertise B2B de l'association de commercialisation néerlandaise (NIMA).

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