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La piattaforma di Cloud Integration nuovo IBM: Che cosa è in esso per voi?

With all the hype around digital transformation, how many of your clients have been able to successfully create truly new customer experiences that transform their businesses? E, is it clear to them what is critical to success in this journey?

Many of our clients are on this journey today, striving to achieve true agility in response to ever-changing business needs. What sets apart those who have been successful is their completeness of vision and simplified access to critical data and services across their enterprise and in the cloud. This is made possible by a robust and modern integration fabric. Our goal is to make clients successful on their journey, helping them move from a point where integration may be perceived as a major inhibitor to one where integration becomes the critical enabler for transformation.

Successful digital transformation demands integration modernization. Modernization requires the right tools and technology, architettura, and people and processes. When you partner with IBM, you are partnering with the recognized market leader in integration, a thought leader who has pioneered leading approaches to integration time and again. Based on the most successful customer outcomes, IBM’s Agile Integration methodology for integration modernization is now compiled and published in this ebook. We’re taking this a step further by launching the IBM Cloud Integration platform, which provides the necessary technology underpinnings for making this vision and modernizing integration a reality. Taking this methodology from paper to practice is accelerated with expert services, which provides a great opportunity for our partners.

Why is this important? Why now?

Consider the market opportunity before us today. According to Markets & Markets, the integration platform market is estimated to grow from USD 17 miliardi nel 2017 a USD 34 miliardi entro 2022, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) di 14.4 per cento. This makes it a high-growth, and highly attractive, IT segment.

inoltre, Gartner summarizes the challenge and the opportunity in its report, Modernizing Integration Strategies and Infrastructure Primer for 2018: “Instead of enabling digital business, integration has become an obstacle to success because traditional, centralized and systematic integration approaches cannot cope with the volume and pace of business innovation.” * These challenges create opportunity for IBM Business Partners as the Agile Integration methodology enabled by the new IBM Cloud Integration platform provides a unique combination of best-in-market integration capabilities and a great competitive differentiator. This presents a huge services opportunity to help our mutual customers adopt the right integration strategy and ride the wave of digital transformation enterprises are undergoing today.

We invite you to partner with IBM and get started today to help customers modernize integration and accelerate their digital transformation journey. Watch the launch replay and refer to the PartnerWorld Cloud Integration platform sales kit Per ulteriori informazioni. Unisciti a noi a Pensare in San Francisco to learn more.

Juan Carlos Soto
Vice Presidente, Hybrid Cloud Integration and API Economy



*Fonte: Gartner, Modernizing Integration Strategies and Infrastructure Primer for 2018, 12 gennaio 2018, G00344012

Juan Carlos Soto is Vice President of Hybrid Cloud Integration and API Economy, which includes IBM’s API Connect, MQ, Event Streams (Enterprise Kafka), App Connect / IIB, DataPower and Aspera offerings. Previously he was the CEO at StrongLoop, a leader in Node.js and API solutions for the Enterprise, which was acquired by IBM in September 2015. Juan Carlos has a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from Stanford University, a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida.

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