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Talking with your customers about the value of IBM z in the Digital Era

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a discussion about IBM z with my IBM colleague, Joe Doria, on a Google hangout. This was the first in a series of hangouts we are doing on IBM z. The objective is to completely immerse Business Partners in IBM z technology, so that talking to your customers about how this technology can transform their business is easy, informative, organic and helpful.

And there is so much to be excited about.

Across organizations everywhere, the focus is shifting to value creation, service excellence and better customer experiences. Digital business innovation is the enterprise growth engine. So our new and updated IBM z solutions for mobile, analytics, cloud, and security were built to help your customers lead in the digital era, and to be prepared to scale in this disruptive and transformational environment.

IBM continues their innovation with the System z Enterprise solution and promises customers and prospects a resilient, efficient, amazing hardware platform for ever-increasing big data to be transformed into actionable intelligence through applications like Information Builders’ WebFOCUS,” says Gerry Cohen, CEO of InfoBuilders.

Just a few of the data points we’ve gathered recently tell the story, especially as it relates to mobile, cloud and commerce:

  • 84 percent of CIOs plan to use analytics to get closer to their customers.
  • 57 percent of mobile customers abandon sites if it takes more than a second to load.
  • 80 percent of businesses consider security to be the number one inhibitor to cloud adoption.


The world’s most innovative companies are using IBM z to reshape the fabric of our businesses, our infrastructures and our lives. They analyze big data to help their organizations; they use mobile apps to better deliver products to customers; and they deploy secure and reliable cloud infrastructures to improve efficiency and economics.

Some innovations are so big they go beyond changing the technology landscape—they change how we see the world. The thought leaders driving these innovations are revolutionizing industries and pushing their competitors to do better, to do more.

And it’s not just about large enterprises anymore. Small and medium-sized businesses are using IBM z to scale, innovate and grow too.

So make sure to watch our first hangout on the Partnerworld YouTube channel, and look for a reminder email for the next in our series of informative hangouts on how IBM z can help you become a trusted advisor for clients capitalizing on mobile, analytics and cloud.

Watch the June 25, 2015 hangout here, and don’t forget to let me know what you think using the comments feature below.

Deon Newman (@deonnewm)

Vice President of Marketing, IBM z Systems

Deon Newman is the Vice President of Marketing for IBM z Systems. He is responsible for the IBM z Systems marketing, brand positioning, business performance, client experience, evangelism and communications. He has a proven track record of delivering breakthrough results, as well as 20+ years of marketing, sales and leadership experience in the IT industry.

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