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EUROPA Perspectiva Ejecutiva Experiencia de pareja Watson Construir serie

Pensar 2019 y los premios IBM Beacon: Mostrando lo mejor de nuestro ecosistema

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the IBM Beacon Awards, where we recognise the most innovative and high performing Business Partners in our IBM ecosystem. The business and technology landscape today is almost unrecognisable from how it looked when we first launched our awards program, but one thing remains as true today as it did then; IBM Business Partners are the most talented, forward-looking providers of business and technology solutions. When I look across our ecosystem here in Europe I am proud of the way we are building tomorrow, together with our Business Partners.

A principios de este año, at Think 2018, we were able to recognise some truly outstanding members of our ecosystem. orbe de datos, Sogeti Capgemini, Grupo var, Bisontes AG Suiza were all recipients of IBM worldwide Beacon Awards and at a European level, we recognised inteligente en, Middlecon AB and IRIS Group.

Who will join these inspirational Business Partners and take away the 2019 Premios Beacon?

That is up to you!

The deadline for nominations is 10pm UK today, martes 13TH noviembre, so if you are planning to submit a nomination, time is running out! We will announce the winners at Think 2019 in February in San Francisco. I would like to wish all our nominees the very best of luck and look forward to telling your stories on stage at Think.

And what better city to host such a gathering? San Francisco has long been recognized as a hub for innovation in business and technology. Pensar 2019 will honour that reputation with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with IBM leaders, Socios de negocios, clients and many of the world’s greatest thinkers.

If you haven’t yet registered for Think 2019, here’s what you can expect:

      • Hands-on access to the latest developments in technology, with the full support of the people who are building them
      • First-hand insights about IBM, its strategy and priorities from the IBM leadership team
      • The opportunity to meet face to face with IBM experts and executives
      • Unique networking opportunities with clients, compañeros, colleagues and IBMers

Also at Think 2019 is the grand finale of the Watson Build 2018 Challenge. Our inaugural challenge in 2017 was won by Italian Business Partner Blueit, who is bringing the traditional methods of the agricultural industry into the modern era with its IBM Watson-powerd bioBotGuard solution.

We have a bumper crop of European entrants in the 2018 Challenge. Join us to see the winner announced live on stage!

Think is designed to help you gain new ideas for boosting revenue and growth, and giving you access to the technology and experts you need to make them real for your business.

Think is not just about concepts and ideas. We aim to give you the tools, the experts and the connections you need to put insight into action.

With a variety of attractive registration options available, you really cannot afford not to join us in San Francisco next February.

Espero verlos allí!

Diego Segre
Vicepresidente, Socios de negocios, Europa

Diego Segre is Vice President, Socios de negocios, Europa. He has responsibility for the whole ecosystem of distributors, distribuidores, integradores, ISV, service providers and startups for IBM in Europe. He is in charge of all the indirect routes for hardware, software y servicios, and also in charge of the transformation of the Business Partner Ecosystem to align with IBM’s growth areas of cloud and cognitive solutions, and the evolving market conditions. Diego is from Argentina, where he joined IBM 24 hace años que, and holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Buenos Aires.

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