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CLOUD Generating Demand SECURITY Worldwide

Three ways IBM Cloud Security Enforcer can improve cloud security for your clients

I want to take a few minutes to provide some thoughts about the exciting announcement IBM Security made last month. I hope by now you have heard about the new IBM cloud security technology: IBM® Cloud Security Enforcer.

As you probably know from your own experience at your company or from working with your clients, cloud apps are changing the way employees work. When businesses can’t provide efficient tools to help employees, they turn to third-party cloud apps to get their jobs done. The use of these unsanctioned and often risky cloud apps subjects the business to new threats, including the loss of sensitive or business data, compliance violations, and internet-based attacks.

Sounds pretty scary, right? IBM Cloud Security Enforcer helps eliminate potentially significant security exposure as employees increasingly use third-party cloud apps at work.

Clients typically have three key requirements for cloud security. They need to:

1. Discover the cloud services their employees are using.
2. Apply a consistent policy for the usage of those services, based on risk.
3. Monitor cloud usage on an ongoing basis.

We have good news: We can now address all three of these requirements with IBM Cloud Security Enforcer. IBM Cloud Security Enforcer helps enterprises to gain control, simplify the adoption of approved cloud apps, enforce usage and compliance policies, and protect the business from threats. It can be used with both traditional and mobile endpoints.

This new software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution detects usage of cloud apps and actions, connects users to approved cloud apps, and protects against cloud-related threats. In fact, it is the only SaaS solution to combine cloud discovery, user analytics, identity and access management, and threat prevention.

Many of our clients don’t yet understand the security exposure they have. So now is a great time to engage your clients and prospects in this important discussion. IBM Cloud Security Enforcer presents us an important opportunity to give our clients something that many of them don’t have today.

Take a few minutes to learn about IBM Cloud Security Enforcer and what a great opportunity it provides for addressing fundamental cloud security needs of our clients. And don’t forget to let me know what you think using the comments feature below.

Carola Cazenave
Director, WW Security Systems Division

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Carola Cazenave is Vice President, Worldwide IBM Security, Routes to Market. She is responsible for building and strengthening a worldwide network of cyber security Business Partners. Her work includes growing the size of the channel and developing strategic programs to help Business Partners collaborate with IBM to deliver world class solutions to clients.

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1 Comment

  1. Sue Ewig

    We continue to get traction around this solution. Lots of great conversations about cloud security at InterConnect this year.


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