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Executive Perspective Partner Experience Transformation Worldwide

Business Partners are transforming with IBM—Are you taking advantage of the opportunity?

Business Partners joining our Business Transformation Initiative (BTI) have made great strides to grow their business. In the first six months of 2015 alone, we’ve held over 160 BTI workshops with Business Partners like you around the world. What was the result? Post-workshop feedback shows that participants realized impressive growth after implementing recommendations from action plans developed during the workshop.

Take a look at some statistics we’ve collected after surveying over 30 Business Partners who participated in this initiative:

  • On average, Business Partners increased revenue nearly 20 percent quarter-over-quarter after they implemented BTI workshop recommendations
  • 20 of the 34 participants surveyed achieved over 50 percent IBM revenue growth


CIMA Solutions Group shared this extremely positive feedback:

“…the workshop was not only insightful and enlightening but relevant and thought provoking. IBM is truly concerned about our future and the health of its Business Partner channel…”—John Alday, President, CIMA Solutions Group (@cimasg)

We launched the Business Transformation Initiative to assist you in transforming your business to deliver high value client solutions. We learned you are eager to offer valuable IBM solutions but needed more skills, tools and resources to do so effectively and profitably. You asked for help, and IBM responded. Given our rapidly changing markets, we know it is essential that we help you evolve your business and remain relevant to your clients. Now that BTI is successfully underway, we’ll build upon these achievements to enable our mutual growth.

We’re quickly and successfully training additional certified workshop moderators in more regions (recently including Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Latin America) so we can scale the initiative to conduct specialized workshops in your region. As we expand the Business Transformation Initiative, we’ll arm you with the tools to driver higher profit margins and sell high-value solutions in strategic markets.

If you’re interested in a BTI workshop, visit us on our PartnerWorld page and contact your IBM rep to start the nomination process. For additional details, access the April webcast BTI replay. I look forward to hearing from you; please comment below with your feedback.

Mike Gerentine (@mgerentine)

Michael Gerentine is Vice President, Software Channel Sales, IBM Global Business Partners. He is in charge of managing software partners across the IBM channel, a global business that spans several IBM business divisions, including Watson and IBM Cloud. He helps channel partners better understand IBM's strategy, adopt new technologies and deliver solutions to clients, all while helping drive mutual sales success for the ecosystem. Previously, Michael served as Vice President of Marketing, IBM Global Business Partners, where he developed and led marketing efforts for the IBM Business Partner channel.

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