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Experiencia de pareja Transformación Watson Watson Construir serie En todo el mundo

Dos semanas para construir Watson presentaciones del plan de negocio

With the deadline to submit business plans just two weeks away, we’re nearing the end of Phase One for the Watson Build. To help take you over the finish line, we’re standing by to offer our assistance and expertise.

Be sure to take advantage of “office hour” calls to get answers to any remaining questions you might have about the Watson Build. To attend our office hours, please review the call-in information at the bottom of this blog.

Desde mi punto de vista, I have to tell you that the level of engagement we’ve seen from you has been truly inspirational. And in the spirit of innovation and learning, I wanted to share an inspiring story from the education sector, involving a cognitive solution developed by an IBM Business Partner and their client.

Using cognitive computing to guide the training of successful service dogs

Guiding Eyes for the Blind uses cognitive computing to reveal the elusive qualities that combine to produce effective service dogs. Using natural language processing technology, the nonprofit worked with researchers at San Jose State University to discern subtle and previously concealed correlations hidden in structured and unstructured data contained in more than half a million veterinary records. Because the organization spends upward of USD 50,000 per year to train each puppy—only half of whom graduate the program—developing more precise methods to raise the effectiveness of training is a top priority.

Using cognitive technology, researchers can now better assess the key characteristics of each dog to more effectively train and pair the right animals with the right people. The solution reduces the cost of training and thereby increases the number of dogs successfully trained and paired with companions.

The advantage of Watson APIs

These and a growing collection of ingenious innovations employ cognitive capabilities accessible via Watson APIs. From chatbots that understand natural language to translation tools that render multilingual messages, Watson APIs even have the capability to offer tone analysis that allows you to detect emotional nuances in written text. The advantage of Watson APIs is that they offer a wide array of services to inspire and power innovative ideas you can integrate and use to create game-changing, market-disrupting solutions.

I wish you the best on the Watson Build challenge, and welcome your suggestions and comments.

Jamie Mendez (@JAMENDEZ11)
Director, IBM PartnerWorld


Watson horas de oficina Construir:

Mayo 16 De 8 Para 9 p.m. ET
Mayo 23: 10 Para 11 a. m.. ET
Mayo 23: 8 Para 9 p.m. ET
Mayo 25: 10 Para 11 a. m.. ET
Mayo 25: 8 Para 9 p.m. ET
Mayo 30: 10 Para 11 a. m.. ET

The call information is: 866-803-2143; participant passcode: 1769992
To find your country call-in code, Por favor review this list of country codes.



Jamie Mendez tiene la responsabilidad global de IBM PartnerWorld ® y las iniciativas de facilitación de canal. En su papel, Jamie es responsable de liderar un equipo global centrado en el apoyo a la comunidad de PartnerWorld de más de 120,000 Socios de negocios alrededor del mundo. En los años, Jamie ha explorado todos los aspectos del negocio, desde la creación de programas de distribución de trabajo como representante de ventas de campo para la gestión de un centro de llamadas.

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