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Partner Experience

Update: After the 2013 IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference


After the build-up to the 2013 IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in Las Vegas and that amazing party with Train, I’m now happy to be finally resurfacing here with a brand new blog on Business Partner Voices. Did you miss me? Of course you did!

As you can imagine, it takes time to regroup in the wake of an event of that magnitude. Following the intensity of that action-packed conference, our team dispersed around the world for a little rest and relaxation. Though some suggested we explore the possibilities a week of cryogenic sleep might bring, I personally chose to move from working hard to playing hard in Hawaii.

Details of my trip are classified of course, but I assure you there is nothing like hiking an active volcano, zip-lining over waterfalls, and diving with humpback whales to remind me that there are endless possibilities to explore in everything we do. With a renewed sense of awe and wonder, I have emerged recharged and refreshed—and most of all, ready to tackle the next set of business items.

There’s a lot going on here behind the scenes, and I’m eager to let you in on the latest news. While in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to connect with many of our IBM Business Partners—and that direct feedback has definitely informed our planning and execution for the rest of 2013. So when I say that there’s a lot going on, I’m also pleased to say that a lot of it is exactly what you’ve been asking for.

Since coming up for air, I’ve been working with my team to respond to what you want. We’ve heard you, and we’re processing a lot of input. Here are some of our primary focus areas:

Simplification: Because of the frenetic pace of today’s marketplace, we’ll be working to simplify your interaction with different parts of IBM. Trust me when I say, I don’t want to over-promise. We are starting with those things we can immediately impact—like how Business Partners update their profiles to get the most tailored content served to you through our communications and website. We are also working on how you can get your PartnerWorld and Specialty benefits faster. And finally, we are working to link market opportunity data with the sales tools you need to sell into that opportunity.

Collaboration through our website: We’re expanding access to our social and collaboration tools in the PartnerWorld website, to give you direct and faster access to the subject matter experts and content you need.

Social networking: One thing we heard often from our Business Partner community is a desire to begin and/or accelerate the use of social networking channels. We are also expanding our education program to help take our Business Partners through the most beneficial uses of social channels, as well as illustrate ways to engage with IBM executives through social networking training and vendor benefits made available through PartnerWorld.

Transformation: Another trend we’ve noticed from meeting with our Business Partners in person is a deep understanding of the need to move with the market and be poised to deliver the cloud to their customers. Transforming for the cloud is so much more than a catchphrase or a tagline. Rather, it’s a way to introduce dialog—so let’s talk about it. Is your organization ready to transform to reach the next level of success? We can help guide you through the steps.

So stay tuned for more updates and specifics, and please do leave a comment below or join me on Twitter and help us evolve the discussion around these key issues.

Jamie Mendez (@JAMENDEZ11)

Jamie Mendez has global responsibility for IBM PartnerWorld® and channel enablement initiatives. In her role, Jamie is responsible for leading a global team focused on supporting the PartnerWorld community of more than 120,000 Business Partners around the world. Over the years, Jamie has explored every aspect of the business—from setting up distribution programs to working as a field sales rep to managing a call center.

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