Video Spotlight: Changes in the Midmarket for Business Partners

For those of us engaged in selling technology, an evolutionary shift is occurring. How do you drive demand in a changing marketplace?

Let’s talk about that changing marketplace. As you may notice from some of your conversations in the field, the days of selling point products and moving along to the next account are fast becoming an anachronism. In fact, in my role as Global Vice President, Marketing, Midmarket & Business Partners at IBM, I hear constantly from C-level executives who are adamant that they need and expect more from their vendors.

Focusing on selling solutions

What I cover in more detail in the video below is that we are all entering a new era in the technology industry: the era of selling solutions. For example, while some companies will continue to acquire hardware, software and services to deliver solutions in-house, many now prefer to acquire them as a managed service, delivered from the cloud.

The good news is that many customers want this kind of a high-touch business model just as much as you do. Here at IBM, our Transformation initiative can provide a way to help you get there.

Watch the video from Information On Demand (IOD) below, and use the “comments” feature to let me know what you think about this evolutionary shift.

Mike Gerentine

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