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Generating Demand

Want to Sell More IBM Software, But Don’t Know Where to Start?


Many Business Partners I’ve talked with over the last few months have shared that they’d like to expand their IBM software sales efforts, and are curious where and how to begin. They’ve also shared that they need simplified, proven solutions with the demand-generation assets and tactics to back them up and start the conversation with their clients.

IBM Software One makes it easier…with door-opener solutions proven to meet clients’ biggest needs, such as big data and analytics, cloud and mobile. The Software One streamlined portfolio has one set of enablement resources, and one go-to-market focus for demand generation.

Software One is about improving our ability to attract new IBM software clients. It begins with simplified, proven offerings aligned to the high-growth market areas. It is supported by demand generation and sales enablement programs and impacts two-thirds of the entire IBM Software business, across all of our software brands. Entry-point solutions will drive over half of that revenue.

Below are a few Q&As that answer some of the frequently asked questions from our Business Partners. If you have others, please post a comment and we’ll have a Software One expert respond to your inquiry.

What’s new with Software One?

The Software One portfolio is expanding to include an additional growth category: IBM® Smarter Cities®. It will also embrace the most successful offerings and best practices from Scalable Solutions, which are focused on industry-specific line-of-business sales. This expanded portfolio will add guidance organized by target buyer roles to drive role-based selling, encouraging deeper engagement with clients from both the front and back office.

Why is this relevant in the midmarket?

Software One offerings are particularly attractive to our midmarket clients, helping them transform their business and gain a competitive advantage. They address top buying criteria, delivering fast time-to-value and an attractive ROI. These offerings are proven to drive repeatable volume business, backed up and supported by a network of skilled Software Business Partners

Speaking of the competition, how will we win new business with Software One?

This portfolio of offerings was selected to provide solutions that deliver high and immediate value to customers. Our Business Partners are encouraged to lead with these software solutions, as they represent our strongest position. Sales enablement materials for each Software One solution include prospecting kits and call guides. Also, we’ve mapped Ready to Execute demand-generation campaigns to the Software One portfolio.

Are you ready to get started? Here’s how to begin

Learn more by visiting Software One on PartnerWorld. This is a good site to bookmark and visit frequently as we roll out more resources to help our Business Partners become successful. A good first step would be to review this IBM Software One overview for Business Partners, which contains helpful guidance and links to enablement and demand-generation material. To articulate the high-level value of our solutions to clients, look at the IBM Software Story, with its customer examples of how IBM software transformed their businesses. Plus, visit the IBM Co-Marketing Center, and be sure to take advantage of any co-marketing funds you may have available.

And don’t forget to use the “Comments” area below to let me know what you think!

Shaun Jones

Shaun Jones is responsible for driving growth for IBM Software across the Business Partner community. Key areas include mid market and small deals where an effective combination of relevant offerings, skilled and motivated partners plus demand generation will create new markets and revenues. These efforts extend into response and lead management where the focus is to ensure leads are accurately and swiftly passed to the right Business Partners.

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